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Did your baby eat more solids when you returned to work?

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sleepbecomeshim Sat 30-Jul-16 12:06:14

My 11mo son remains a massive fan of breastfeeding but a rather reluctant food consumer! This hasn't been a big issue as I've been on mat leave and able to BF him regularly. I've been cutting down breastfeeds in preparation for my going back to work full time at the end of August. I aim to feed no more than 3 times/day (and also sometimes once in night). He's always refused a bottle. He'll take tiny sips of water from a sippy cup but often spits it straight out again!

The HV has said that when I'm no longer around all the time he will gradually start to eat more solids and I hope this is true. But he's a reeeeaaallly reluctant eater at the moment. He won't pick up food from his tray and try it and often turns his head away from the spoon. The way we get solids into him is to distract him - we give him spoons, bowls, toys, anything to fiddle with so he'll open his mouth and allow the spoon in! He doesn't seem interested or up for food at all but we're muddling through. He'll only really take solids from me though, I think bc I really persevere (grandparents just give up at the first head turn, saying "Oh he must not be hungry"...).

He's a large baby - 91st centile for height and between 75th and 91st for weight.

So my question is: has anyone else had a similar experience of a disinterested-in-solids baby who has later become interested once The Boob/Mum has been taken out of the equation? My concern is that he'll have basically nothing all day when I'm at work and then either feed all night or start dropping weight. I'm happy to continue bf twice/day for a while but would really like this to be alongside a balanced solids diet!

Thanks in advance x

louise987 Sun 31-Jul-16 21:05:48

Yes and yes I'm sure he will start eating and drinking more when boob isn't an option. I stressed about this before I went back to work (my DD was 10months), and I can't believe how well she eats and drinks (and naps, but that's another thing!) when I am not around. Don't worry too much, he will adjust himself and make sure he gets the calories he needs from food.

You could try different cups, flavours, textures, and often if my DD watches me eat something she gets more interested in it (then copies me by trying to put it in her mouth). Keep trying different things, I found shreddies and Cheerios are amazingly popular here... It was the only food she would pick up and eat, then we moved into small chunks of toast, veg etc.

When the HV told me this a month before I went back to work I rolled my eyes in disbelief. But they were right, they are very adaptable.

Best of luck and hope the return to work goes smoothly!

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