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baby rice - can you mix it with oat milk? Do you have to heat it?

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dandelionand Mon 04-Jul-16 16:52:38

just a couple of the many million questions I've had about weaning!?!

also, can you do the same with baby porridge? (the stuff from Boots)

thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me. She has Hipp formula but I don't want to overload her with dairy as I think it makes her eczema worse.

PotteringAlong Mon 04-Jul-16 16:53:15

Don't bother with baby rice and baby porridge. Just give them normal stuff.

Artandco Mon 04-Jul-16 16:54:08

You can just give regular porridge maide with any milks or eggs or whatever for breakfast. Baby rice tastes like wallpaper paste

dandelionand Mon 04-Jul-16 18:47:57

thanks for the feedback, nhs website says no rice milk before 5 btw, due to naturally occurring asenic or something.

well it's too late, I've bought the stuff!!! might try a bit tomo but not bother after that......

greatbigwho Mon 04-Jul-16 18:56:33

Don't be surprised if it's rejected - it tastes absolutely rank!

PotteringAlong Mon 04-Jul-16 18:57:28

I agree. If it's their first taste of food then make it memorable for the right reasons. Just bin it!

Artandco Mon 04-Jul-16 19:04:54

Yes no rice milk at all before 5. The arsenic levels are too high, you can't give that to a baby. Use oat or coconut milk with regular oats if you want less dairy

dandelionand Mon 04-Jul-16 19:22:09

she's had a few different things son it won't be the first thing she tries.
looks like it's not v popular!

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Mon 04-Jul-16 19:27:00

I make my own porridge with half oat milk and half water and it's delicious.

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