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Taking a cup

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Babysafari Mon 13-Jun-16 10:57:03

Baby ds is turning 12 months.

He has been having 3 meals and 3 8oz bottles. So like this.

8am breakfast
10.30am 8oz bottle
1.00pm lunch
3.30pm 8oz bottle
5.30pm dinner
8.00pm 8oz bottle

He drinks water out of a normal beaker with no lid but needs me to hold it. He won't drink milk out of a beaker though he just refuses and gets upset.

I wanted to get him to drop the daytime bottles and instead take some milk from a lidded sippy cup along with a snack. That's what they'll do at nursery when he starts soon.

It's not going well. He won't drink the milk from any type of cup or beaker and he won't eat the snack either.

What do I do?

user1464887935 Sat 18-Jun-16 23:04:51

Hi Babysafari. Is it a really diddy cup? If it isn't, I highly recommend going miniature to solve the issue of you having to hold it. I found a mini Babycup (really tiny open cup for babies and weaning) worked really well and it wasn't long for my lo's to use it without help/me holding it. Definitely worth trying that one and asking the nursery to use it too. Will he be having milk/cheese/yogurt in his meals?

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