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Help me understand if I'm doing this correctly!

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iemma321q Thu 09-Jun-16 17:45:34

My little boy has just turned 8 months old and as he is my pfb and I have no friends with babies to compare with, I was hoping some of you lovely people would help me out. My question is what does your little one eat on an average day? I don't know if I'm giving him enough or if he is having enough variety. Looking forward to gaining some inspiration too!

Poppytime Fri 10-Jun-16 09:52:53

Hello! My DS has just turned 8 months too, if it helps a typical day for us in terms of food is:

Breakfast - porridge (aptimal multigrain 7+ or boots own) / piece of fruit like pear / baby yoghurt

Lunch - chicken casserole (Annabel karmel recipe) and mashed potato/sweet potato or baby pasta with hidden veg sauce or salmon and spinach with mashed potato / lamb stew with green veg (or Ella's kitchen if we are out!). If still hungry some fruit / yoghurt

Dinner - similar to lunch or recently have tried him with scrambled egg and toast fingers spread with unsalted butter for him to hold, crumpet etc

He still has 4 bottles a day (just moved to formula from bfding for various reasons so he doesn't take huge amounts yet).

I want to make some more exciting finger food next, I remember doing some with with DD, good things were mini fish cakes, home made fish fingers or chicken goujons, cooked carrot sticks, pancakes etc. Do you have any books? I like the Gill rapley BLW one (it's the classic) and I have another called finger foods for baby and toddlers, or something, which is good for inspiration.

Have you tried rice yet? As in proper rice not baby rice. I want to get a bigger range of carbs into him as tend toward some kind of mashed veg/potato as an accompaniment and need to vary it! I batch freeze quite a bit as easier as also have to feed my toddler DD. I am not averse to Ella's etc when out though, and have let him chew on pieces of bread etc if eating out. I haven't done loads of finger food I think because he is such a good eater being spoon fed but I know I should do more!

I think the easiest (for me) is to move towards him eating what we eat but mashed up a bit, and I'm starting to do that more. Saves a lot of time and effort!

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