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Weaning off breast feeds

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sophiaslullaby Wed 08-Jun-16 14:12:46

My DS is 7months, been weaning onto solids since 5.5months, so far so good. I'm going back to work in just over 6 weeks so need to wean him off my daytime breastfeeds (will still give feed first thing in the morning and at bedtime).
I've managed to drop the lunchtime feed since he eats his solid food well then. He takes vitamin supplements that HV recommended and water in sips, I've confident that by time I'm back to work he will be taking water properly.

However, do I need to introduce formula milk if dropping my own feeds? What's the benefit of this. Forgive me if being naive but he'll be getting liquid (water), vitamins (the supplement) and nutrients (solid food) from his meals so is the formula milk required too?
He will still be having the 2 feeds from me until age of 1 when I can give cows milk.

dementedpixie Wed 08-Jun-16 22:40:52

They're still supposed to have the equivalent of 500mls of milk per day up to 1 year so if you are dropping several feeds then you should be replacing with formula. Just think of it as another weaning food

Babettescat Thu 09-Jun-16 01:57:23

Babies still need milk till 1 of about 5/600 mls a day. It's the main part of their diet.

Morning and evening breastfeeds won't be enough I believe to provide the amount of milk he needs at this stage and the amount of solids a weaning baby actually consumes is quite far from the picture of a balanced diet.

If you're cutting out one source of infant milk you will need to plucked it from another source alongside trying out various solids.

sophiaslullaby Thu 09-Jun-16 03:45:08

I see, makes sense now.
OK, i'll look into a formula for him. Thank you for your help :-)

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