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Tips on Bottle weaning, how to get it down her before we leave for nursery

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jaynerandall182 Wed 25-May-16 10:58:24


Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

So my daughter is 14 months old and she has taken to her sippy cup but we still give her milk from a bottle (1 on a morning, 1 on a night) This might sound stupid but we only give her it in a bottle because we have to be out the house for 7 and if we give her it in a cup she takes literally 1oz in 45 minutes. She has breakfast at nursery.

Should I ask nursery to give her milk there?
Should I get her up earlier?
Should I ask work if I can start later?
Is milk that important now / should I stop worrying she isn't getting enough from her cup before we leave?

Our second baby is coming December so I would really like her weaned long enough that she wont regress back onto bottles once the second comes.

I hate giving her a bottle because its 'convenient' for me but do your kids just sit and drink their milk continuously?

SoftSheen Wed 25-May-16 11:15:10

I can't answer your question directly because both my DC were/are BF. At that age they wouldn't take very much from a sippy cup either.

However, is there any reason why you need DD to give up her bottle just yet? 14 months is still quite little. Having two bottles a day is not likely to impact on her teeth or language development in the way that using a dummy all day long might.

Just do what works for you- I definitely don't think you need to alter your work hours or make everyone get up earlier. smile

jayner182 Wed 25-May-16 11:39:19

Thanks SoftSheen. I've been reading that you should start weaning from bottle at 1 - but Ill just leave her on bottles for now.

I'm off Thursdays and Fridays so usually just put her milk in a sippy cup those days and she drinks atleast half in 2 hours.

Ill just relax!

BumWad Thu 26-May-16 11:18:35

I will be in the same position as you and having the same conundrum! DS 12 months is on 3 bottles at the moment - I am planning on taking away the mid day one in the next week or so. He starts nursery when he will be 14 months old too. I'm planning on sticking to the morning and evening bottles for a while longer - also because I'm worried he won't eat well at nursery and he needs the calories!

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