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Weaning at 5.5mths? ?

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Cantwait4summer Tue 03-May-16 21:24:20

DD is 5.5mths and is refusing the bottle (she was OK with bottle with ebm then with introduction to formula she threw up later was diagnosed with cows milk allergy so since then she's refused the bottle with ebm & formula. She's gonna be at nursery full time soon .and despite trying different bottles/teats she still refusing. .even with sippy cup with cooled water showing no interest either. But she's taken interest in watching us eat at the table. Would it safe to start weaning her to ensure she gets some food during day ? . She will be breastfed in evenings. I'm at my wits end and dreading going back to work with this issue at mo sad

JuxtapositionRecords Wed 04-May-16 08:48:41

For the first few months of weaning (longer in some cases) they really don't eat enough to fill them up or get enough nutrients. I would be concerned about the bottle thing, is she just refusing everything except boob?

Cantwait4summer Thu 05-May-16 17:38:18

Yup just wants the boop ! I'm bf her in morning then after work . She started weaning yesterday so she's had a few mouthfuls at lunch & tea so far she's seems to be doing OK & not screaming for mums milk!

youlemming Thu 12-May-16 14:12:19

With the HV advise I started weaning at 4.5m as DD2 was a bottle refuser and I was going back to work at 5.5m.
I did the same BFing morning and evening then gave myself 4 weeks to gradually drop the day time feeds and introduce veg puree's, moving onto more protien rich foods (chicken and cheese) as soon as I was happy she was ok with the basics.

I still offered the bottle and over time she began to accept it as I think she realised I was no longer an option.
She has never really taken much while at nursery, but they offer it twice a day in between the main meals and she will take anywhere between 1 and 4oz.

The HV said the dairy figure they suggest for babies 6m+ includes what they get from food sources other than milk.

If you are worried do the HV's in your area run a weekly weight clinic that you could go along to and ask for some guidencde?

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