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Dairy free puddings and snacks

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ScotGirl Wed 10-Jan-07 19:24:56

My ds 9mths has excema on his face and I am trying to elimate dairy to see if I get a dramatic improvement.

Main meals are okay but I am struggling with puddings and snacks. I like to give a fruit puree pudding at lunch but a more filling pudding at tea time. Pudding tonight was weatibix,water and an Organix fruit puree - not very exciting!

Does anyone have any ideas?

DizzyBint Wed 10-Jan-07 19:28:08

vegetable biscuits (i think they're a heinz thing?
organix snack things (sweetcorn rings/carrot sticks etc)
rice cakes

glamourbadger Wed 10-Jan-07 21:11:37

Hi - I'm in the same boat. One of my twins (also 9 months) has reflux which is aggravated by dairy. Mine like the following for pudding:

Apple and fruit flavoured rice cakes
Soya yoghurt - this is yummy and comes in all flavours
Organix rice pudding with fruit
Banana or fruity porridge
Wizzed up chestnuts mixed into things - yummy and calorific
Mashed banana and wizzed up brown rice. Add formula milk and microwave
Coconut milk - add to rice, fruit, etc

Interested to see what others come up with!

Saturn74 Wed 10-Jan-07 21:14:23

Provamel dairy-free custard is a big hit in our house. Not sure if suitable for a 9 month old though (none in the house at the mo, so can't check the ingredients, but the goodness direct website may have details).
Provamel also make dairy free yoghurts and other desserts.

Laura032004 Wed 10-Jan-07 21:52:11

Not filling, but DS1 often has jelly. You could add fruit to it? Or meringues with fruit puree. Plain rice cakes with jam or peanut butter (not recommended at 9m though?) on. Flavoured rice cakes, or corncakes. Rice pudding made with coconut milk. Could you do pancakes with rice milk? Made buckwheat pancakes for the first time today, and they were quite nice.

Snacks - rice cakes, corn cakes, fruit bars (humzingers or school bars) fruit flakes by same people that make school bars, raisins, plain crisps (salt and shake without salt sachet). Also buy 70% cocoa chocolate as that is dairy free. Seeds. Gorilla Munch cereal in free from section.

DS1 is gluten and dairy free, so that is quite restrictive.

ScotGirl Wed 10-Jan-07 22:27:45

thanks for the tips - I feel a trip to Sainburys coming on!

I didn't think about coconut milk. I take it I can make it up by adding water to block coconut to save me opening a can for a tiny pudding?

Laura032004 Wed 10-Jan-07 22:50:00

I also use it as a base for a chicken dahl, so I've often got a can open anyway. I freeze the dahl, so maybe you could freeze small amounts of normal coconut milk? I've never tried the block stuff, apart from to thicken up curries.

Laura032004 Wed 10-Jan-07 22:51:34

Different supermarkets have different 'free from' ranges, so I tend to shop around to get a variety. M&S do a list of all their products which are dairy free. Ocado online shopping is good for seeing the food contents at a glance. If you're buying branded products, it's sometimes cheaper to get them from an online retailer.

CanStarveWillStarve Wed 10-Jan-07 23:08:05

I see no-one has mentioned semolina pudding. My dd likes this with jam. She's milk intolerant so I make it with soya milk.

Lot's of the organix crisp style snacks are good for snacks, or try breadsticks or raisins or other dried fruit, or oatcakes or bananas.

Surprised to see someone mention organix rice pudding - was sure that had dairy in, but will check out the ingredients next time I see it.

My dd is 11 months and has been happy with all of these.

mama30 Sat 09-Jun-07 13:12:10


gingerninja Wed 01-Aug-07 20:09:58

I was just about to write exactly the same post so bumping it in case someone can offer any other suggestions. Is it OK to give soya products to an 11 month old with eczema?

Pinkveto Wed 01-Aug-07 21:18:16

blue dragon do tiny tins of coconut milk. but yes you can add water to coconut cream - the texture isnt very smooth though.

hobnob57 Sat 04-Aug-07 13:13:08

Hi there,

Good thread. My 8mo is dairy and gluten intolerant and I've been stuck on banana, rice cakes, jellies and baby rice with fruit puree for weeks. Any more ideas very welcome!

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