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Feeding problems with 14 month old

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Raynasmum2015 Tue 19-Apr-16 23:45:47

Hi my 14 mo DD was weaned onto solids at 15 weeks due to reflux, and everything went fantastic but since she was 11 months she hasn't been eating well at all. She will have a few mouthfuls and then she will start holding food on her mouth and not swallow, eventually it just dribbles back out as mush but this can take hours!! I've noticed this has been happening ever since the top teeth came through, and I think she gets food stuck behind them and doesn't know how to use her tongue yo scrape it out. I try to use my finger to get it out for her but most of the time she won't let me and gets very upset. Does anyone have any advice or ideas as to how I can deal with this? It's not a case of her not being hungry because when she doesn't eat properly she wakes up throughout the night wanting milk, yet when she eats well she sleeps through the night, for at least 10 hours. So I know there's definitely a connection. Help!!!

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