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when to move from one to two meals (and three) and which one?!

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Poppytime Wed 13-Apr-16 15:13:04

I seem to have forgotten everything about when I weaned DD. DS turned 6 months last week and we have started weaning, about 2 weeks into it now. Started with a 'lunch', purées so far and has had baby rice/porridge, sweet potato, potato, carrot, parsnip, pear, Apple, cauliflower, pea and I start introducing diary/meat/fish/gluten now? When do I introduce another meal? All going well btw, DS seems to love it all (complete opposite to DD!). And should it be dinner (maybe it will help him sleep better, HA!) or breakfast? I know nhs says to work up to 3 meals a day and snacks by 8-9 months but just looking for anyone's experience and suggestions on what worked best for them. DS is still mainly breastfed, with one bottle of formula mid morning (taking on average 150ml or so, only introduced this is past couple of weeks - aim is to cut down on daytime breast feeds over next few months to morning and nighttime only). Thanks in advance!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 13-Apr-16 17:05:57

Yes, you can introduce what you want, as long as it's not on this list. I'd just go with the flo at the moment. If he's around when you are having your evening meal, you could give him a taste but unfortunately weaning and formula have been proven to have no affect on sleep. Sorry.

Poppytime Fri 15-Apr-16 09:51:41

Thanks Julie - yes I know I can't count on formula, oh well! My DD was breastfed similarly and slept much better at this age, I guess every baby is for food, just worked out why DS may have been so grumpy past few days, constipation! Huge poo explosion yesterday as I changed his nappy, all over me and the carpet, lovely! He has had banana and cauliflower recently both of which I think are harder to digest? Am going to try plain yoghurt and fruit purée for lunch today and give a break from the root veg etc, poor mite. Maybe I will start introducing another meal and some meat/fish next week then, sorry am thinking out loud, I literally cannot remember what I did last time!!

Anyone else got a Dc the same age? What are you doing in terms of meals?

CaitAgusMadra Fri 15-Apr-16 17:01:24

Funny, I forgot everything this time around too!

My DS is similar age, I introduced breakfast as second 'meal' and plan to introduce 'dinner' in the next couple weeks. He has a bottle at approx. 7 - 7.30 am and then breakfast about an hour or so later.

I've been giving only fruits & veg but might start some dairy (yoghurt or cheese) this week

sophiaslullaby Mon 18-Apr-16 13:21:58

I'm about 2 weeks behind you (DS 5 & half months and just started on purees) so going to watch this post. But did have an idea to give puree around lunchtime for 2 weeks, then give breakfast (more like mid morning, after his nap) in the 3rd week. So then it'll be porrige or fruit puree for 'breakfast' and a veg puree for lunch. This is all alongside breastfeeding still.
Then 4th week move away from puree and give mash foods.
My first DC so winging it really, just gave DS brocolli and he pulled some fantastic faces! Fair to say he didn't like it!

Poppytime Mon 18-Apr-16 15:43:57

Hi Cait and Sophia! I actually just started 'breakfast' this weekend, just baby porridge and some fruit purée so far. Lunch is still a veg purée, some have some cheese etc in so getting a bit more adventurous! Then will introduce meat and fish purées next week and then wait a few more weeks until he is over 7 months to introduce dinner I think. Still mainly breastfeeding with one mid morning bottle of formula. Any purée ideas welcome too! I've got an Annabel karmel book so getting ideas from that, done a root veg one, tomato and cauliflower gratin, and a leek, pea and potato purée for this week. A lot of pan washing!!

sophiaslullaby Mon 18-Apr-16 20:11:38

Wow, you sound so organised! I have the Annabel Karmel book too and was all for homemaking everything (he's my first child) but he's now teething, suffering with a cold and ongoing 'terrible' eczema so sleep has taken a nose-dive, I'm exhausted and can't even begin to think what to feed my DS, let alone cook it!
But am keen to move on from plain purees sooner than later - gave him a cucumber to gnaw earlier, then he bit off a chunk with his gums and I panicked (d'oh! Need to stay happy & calm!)

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