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portion size 10 month old

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murphyslaws Tue 22-Mar-16 11:35:47

I have reposted here

I'm so confused with portion size...

She has the equivalent to a jar or sachet for breakfast and lunch but at lunch she also has ham and cheese as well.

Dinner she struggles.... She has her milk (which she has during the day) and hour later she has a fromage frais, cheese and slice of meat. She won't take any more. This is not a set meal just a rough idea of portion size.

Milk 3 times a day around 5 to 8oz

Is this enough?

(Added note as I get comments about my terminology or spellings, English is not first language). So sorry for mistakes

TeaBelle Tue 22-Mar-16 11:40:36

Is she happy? My dd gets so grouchy if she's hungry is I would definitely know if it wasn't enough. You could switch her bigger meal to lunch time if she eats more then. I would also add fruit and veg to both meals

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