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weaning at 16 weeks

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Wineandpopcorn Mon 21-Mar-16 11:16:58

my daughters paediatrician has advised me to wean her at 16 weeks, which she will be this Thursday. This is due to her severe reflux. However, I am really scared as she is still so young! when I asked his advice he was very blasé and said she will be fine confused and that he weaned his children at 12 weeks!

Does anyone have any advice on what I should be giving her? Or what quantities? And how often?!

SpeakNoWords Mon 21-Mar-16 13:21:38

I would go back to the paediatrician and ask them exactly those questions. If they're going to give you medical advice that is contrary to the general advice then they should be giving you a detailed plan.

My (non-medical) understanding is that before 6 months you should only give fruit or vegetable purees, and/or baby rice. I would also imagine that you shouldn't be trying to replace milk feeds, so small quantities once a day perhaps? Although, I don't see how that would help with the reflux. Which is why the paediatrician needs to explain this more to you!

CantThink5 Mon 21-Mar-16 13:35:38

I would ask for a second opinion.
I was advised by two separate medical professionals that IF YOU MUST wean early it should never ever be before 17weeks.
Weaning at around 3 months was common many years ago(think that was the advice when my older siblings were young) but studies have (apparently, I haven't seen any and am not a medic) shown this can be damaging.
I was frowned upon for weaning at 20weeks with no medical reason with dc1

DrAmandaBentley Mon 21-Mar-16 13:41:18

I weaned my eldest at 4 months because by that time milk alone was no longer satisfying him. He had the baby rice you mix with water once a day, and as the weeks and months passed we moved very slowly on to other puréed baby foods. It's trial and error, but they only need very tiny amounts in the beginning.

I do agree to going back and asking for more advice if you're unsure, or seeking a second opinion. That said weaning at 4 months never did my son (who is now 10) any harm and he eats more or less anything.

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