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Full Fat Milk?!

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JLeeAmor Sat 12-Mar-16 23:22:17

^*Hi I'm new to this Mumsnet so please bare with me while I get my act together lol!
I was out with my Mom and my little boy who is 10 1/2 months old and she mentioned weaning him on to full fat milk now and obviously being a 'First Time Mom' I was like "No i can't not till their 1st Birthday"... Anyhow she's had 5 children so has more experience than me,
He has a balanced diet from fish, fruit, veg, meat, yogurts,cheese ect so he's really good with his food..
So I can't help but think shall I just wean him off Formula now?
Just asking for a second opinion before I proceed... *^
*Help is appreciated! *

Thank you xx

Crasterwaves Sun 13-Mar-16 02:23:31

Current nhs guidance is not to use cows milk as a drink until after a year, so I wouldn't. You could take your mum with you to see the hv and let hv explain it?

Welcome to Mn by the way!

VimFuego101 Sun 13-Mar-16 02:31:07

The odd bit of cows milk won't hurt him, but it doesn't have all the necessary vitamins/ minerals/ nutrients he needs. I would stick with formula until he's one.

Out2pasture Sun 13-Mar-16 03:21:47

thirty years ago the guidelines were 9 months. now the recommendation is 12 months.

stitch10yearson Sun 13-Mar-16 03:23:41

Its guidance. Not law.

DesertOrDessert Sun 13-Mar-16 03:26:59

Formula or breastmilk is better for a few more weeks.
That said, by 11.5 months, my boys had cows milk in the day, and BM morning and night.

jobrum Sun 13-Mar-16 03:49:14

My dd was always fine with cows milk on cereal so at about 11 months the nursery she is at asked if they could try a beaker of cows milk during the day as she was rejecting expressed breastmilk and formula there and was not eating much. She refused that too but it just doesn't have all the balanced vitamins and stuff that bm or formula has. So although it won't harm then if they have no allergy or intollerance, it can't replace bm or formula until after 1.

JLeeAmor Mon 14-Mar-16 12:58:24

Thank you all think I'll keep him on it till he's atleast 11 1/2 months aye lol... Better safe than sorry lol x

dementedpixie Mon 14-Mar-16 17:25:01

The odd drink would be OK plus you can use it in cereal and foods. I'd still give formula as the main drink until 1 year

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