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14 month old has became so fussy.

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Blizy Fri 11-Mar-16 22:43:45

My 14 month old has became do fussy with food. I mostly prepared his meals and used the odd food pouch if out and about. Now he will only eat food pouches, refuses anything I make him and throws all veg away. He used to be such a good eater, what happened? A typical day last meals are:
B-porridge/weetabix with banana and cup of milk.
L- cream cheese sandwich, fruit and a small rice cake.
D- prepared food pouch, yoghurt and fruit.
Cup of milk before bed.
He will eat the lumpy 12month+ baby good but nothing I cook! I'm so annoyed as I have a freezer full of batch cooked food for him.

Blizy Fri 11-Mar-16 22:44:51

Sorry for the typos.

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