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7mo not interested in food

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Ivytheterrible Thu 10-Mar-16 17:34:48

My 7 month old still has no interest in food whatsoever and clamps her mouth shut if I try and spoon feed her. Have tried lots of different foods, before milk, part way through milk, after milk. Also tried BLW but she just ignores whatever I put in front of her. Help!

HollyC255552 Thu 10-Mar-16 18:35:14

My DD who is nearly 8 months started like this she done this for about a month, then she started taking a few bits like, buttered toast fingers, soft fruit (mango, banana), rice cakes. She still wont eat much still & she seems very fussy - hoping this will improve in time. I cant tell you how much food i am wasting. Try not to worry she will suddenly start taking it just keep offering. Your probably already doing this but sit her at the table as much as you can when your eating so she knows what food is all about.

Hope this helps.

fluffikins Thu 10-Mar-16 21:21:35

I was you a couple of weeks ago but I've been doing 3 meals a day, all of it chucked on the floor and nowhere near the mouth, but I've persevered and something has changed in the last 2 days, just as we hit 9 months and we actually have picking up AND swallowing shock I'd read that it would get better and not believed it but it has!

StandoutMop Thu 10-Mar-16 21:25:54

Agree with pp. My dd was very slow to get food so I just did blw and put bits down. Nothing much was eaten until 10 months, some just take longer to get going.

Stressed out about it no end, in fact think googling "baby won't eat" is how I found MN (and BLW and the idea food is for fun, not nutrition until they are one).

Give it a bit longer and so long as growth and development seem OK, try not to worry about it.

Ivytheterrible Fri 11-Mar-16 09:21:41

Thanks. I just keep going and hopefully something will click at some point!

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