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Breakfast and lunch ideas...

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HollyC255552 Thu 03-Mar-16 10:24:29

for a 7.5 month old please...

SpeakNoWords Thu 03-Mar-16 11:13:30

Well, things that you would have for breakfast and lunch and just adapt to make them easier for baby to eat?

So, breakfast maybe weetabix or other low sugar/salt cereal with fruit, porridge, or scrambled eggs on toast, nut butters on toast etc

Lunch, you can do an assortment of picnic type foods like cucumber, carrot, apple, cheese, hard boiled egg etc. Sandwiches of course too, but you could use pitta bread instead of sliced. Hummus is good, as is avocado. Savoury pancakes too. Pasta with veg/cheese.

scrivette Thu 03-Mar-16 18:44:42

Breakfast is usually rushed in our house so just some bread or toast and maybe porridge a bit later.

I don't always manage lunch but I often have vegetables left over from the evening meal before which I put on his tray. You could do pancakes, savoury muffins, pasta, cheese, sandwiches, toast, fruit.

I tend not to worry about set meals, as long as he is getting a variety of food during the day, so he may have a sandwich for breakfast but cereal for dinner.

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