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Tips for expanding a toddler's tastes?

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Loops81 Tue 01-Mar-16 15:51:59

My 22 month-old has never been a huge eater, but I can just about get her to eat a vaguely balanced diet these days. What frustrates me is that the list of meals she will eat is tiny. Eggs, toast, pasta bolognese, fish fingers, chicken, bacon, most fruit, toasted cheese/ham sandwiches - that's about it, and she won't even try anything else (particularly veg!). I know it's common for toddlers to be picky, and I try to just keep offering her different things without making a fuss. But as she's quite small, it's tempting to just keep serving her favourite meals so at least I know she'll eat. I've tried putting new foods on the side of things I know she likes, but she just ignores it. And I only have about a five-minute window for a meal before she gets bored and asks to get down!

Does anyone have any ideas on ways to slowly introduce a wider variety while making sure she still gets some food inside her?!

BasinHaircut Tue 01-Mar-16 15:58:22

DS is 2.5 and TBH we mostly just give him what I know he will eat as it's not worth the battle. He has 'hidden' veg is curry, chilli, bolognaise etc but apart from that he eats peas sometimes and licks broccoli, won't entertain any other veg. Eats fruit like it's going out of fashion though.

We have a small repertoire of meals he will eat but this kid won't even touch a sandwich so lunches are tricky.

We are just soldiering on for now and I will wait until he is a slightly more reasonable human before I put too much effort into getting him eating other foods.

It's so hard though, I do feel for you.

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