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Weaning routine 6-12months

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FondantFancy66 Fri 05-Feb-16 08:11:28


My twins are now 20 weeks, so starting to think ahead to weaning. At the moment they have 6oz formula every 3-4 hours. I know I'm not meant to cut milk at first, but when do I fit in the food? It feels like they'll be eating every hour! They're fully bottle fed and we'll be starting with purees rather than BLW. What routine are/were your little ones in at this stage?


HelloCanYouHearMe Sat 06-Feb-16 09:48:11

My DS is approaching 7 months and at times it does feel as though all im doing is giving a bottle, feeding or putting him down for a nap!!

Before weaning, he would take 5 6oz bottles every 3.5/4 hours. Now, the day looks like this:

630 - 7oz bottle
8 - porridge
9 - nap
1030 - 5oz bottle
1230 - nap
130 - lunch
2 - 5oz bottle
330 - nap (sometimes!)
430 - dinner and pud
6 - 6oz bottle
645 - teeth clean, wrestling match nappy change
7 - bed

Food is purees and DS loves to feed himself, although his aim can be slightly off and his nose gets fed on occassion!

I have found that since starting him on purees and introducing more meals, he is cutting down on his milk - no longer wakes at 930pm for a bottle and regularly leaves anything from 0.5 - 2oz of his other milk feeds, whereas before he would finish or leave a tiny amount of milk.

I started with breakfast for a week, then introduced lunch too for 2 weeks and now we're on 3 meals a day.

Things will change when he starts to drop his naps - hopefully we'll have more time to play!

comeagainforbigfudge Mon 08-Feb-16 10:45:35

When i first started weaning my dd i just slotted it in whenever i could. One puree meal a day. Took a few weeks before ahe started actual realising it was food and to eat it 😂

Once she realised, i then started increasing meals to breakfast and dinner. Then introduced finger foods at lunch time.

Shes 8 months now and our rough schedule is

0730 - 6oz bottle
0830 - weetabix or shreddies
1000 - nap
12.00 - lunch (finger foods)
1pm- 7oz bottle
2pm - nap
Fruit snack once awake
5.30 - dinner
7pm 7oz bottle

She gets sippy cup of water at every meal and although ive put times down we are quite flexible with it all.


NickyEds Mon 08-Feb-16 15:05:57

It will feel like they're eating every hour at first! With ds I meticulously planned the day so that he had tastes of food no less than an hour after milk etc. i think he was 8.5 months before he dropped any milk at all. With dd I've just plonked her in a high chair and fed her whenever ds eats! She's not quite 7 months yet (so we've been weaning for 4 weeks) and I really struggle to get any milk down her at all during the day. She's just taken to it really well. Just give half a weetabix an hour after their first bottle of the day for a bit then just some food whenever you have some!

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