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12 month old still mostly breastfeeding.

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cantgonofurther Thu 04-Feb-16 22:56:30

My ds is 12months old and is dc3. His intake is still mostly breastmilk. He will not eat breakfast at all. I have tried toast, yoghurt, banana, eggs, weatabix and porridge. He will only eat a bite or two of toast and spits out anything else.
At lunch time he will often only eat bread. Chucks everything else on the floor and cries for breastmilk.
Tea he will eat a few bites and than chucks his food on floor and cry for bm. He eats pasta, Cheese and veg however he only eats a small amount. he will eat the baby food pouches however if it the lumpy food for older babies he is sick.
I have tried giving him milk in a cup and he chucks it away and cries until he gets his bm.
He hardly eats anything through out the day. I breastfed my other 2 children up to age two and breastmilk was only a small part of their diet by 12months and they would drink cows milk too.
When he is hungry he wants breastmilk not food even though I try to offer him food instead. I have never experienced this with my other children.
I am worried he is not going to get the nutrients he needs as he is getting older.

Nimportequoi Fri 05-Feb-16 08:17:13

What does his growth chart look like? Is he a happy baby?

Pandopops Fri 05-Feb-16 08:21:46

How about BF first, then when hes happy & full give him some breadsticks or carrots etc as finger food to experiment with?

They say it takes a baby/toddler 12 tries of the same food before they decide if they like it.

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