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7 month old weaning tips

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Lolly1984 Mon 01-Feb-16 21:24:15

7 month old ds is allergic to milk protein and ebf.
I'm happy to keep feeding him on demand for as long as he wants but I'm also keen to get him eating.
He sits with us at every meal, copies 6yr old ds, often nawing on a breadstick or a goodies crisp.
He's spoon fed fruit purée and some porridge I've made up with expressed milk but only eats a couple of spoonfuls.
I'm happy with baby led, but he doesn't actually seem to eat any....
First child was spoon fed but ate lots, yogurts etc.
He's interested, just doesn't seem to swallow any. There's been no change in his poo and he's still waking 2/3 times a night to feed (not a problem). He's small due to illness when he was born but tracking well on the 5th centile now. I think I just wanna fatten him up a bit!
How much should he eat? Am I right to breastfeed him on demand or should it start being replaced by food now? I am meant to be going back to work so he'll have to wean a bit, probably onto a bottle of expressed.
Worrying over nothing I'm sure, was just expecting to see more food going in by now!

Juanbablo Tue 02-Feb-16 16:09:10

Keep breastfeeding as much as he wants it. Offer food at every meal, he will eat as much as he wants. In my experience the amount of food they eat doesn't always mean cutting down on milk or sleeping better!!

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