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6 month old tummy upset? allergies? something else?

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anthropophagus Thu 28-Jan-16 16:30:46

DS is 27 weeks and has been on solids for 3 weeks. At first it was going really well, he seemed to really enjoy his food and we quite quickly got up to 3 'meals' - quite small amounts - a day.

At the weekend I gave him a bit of pureed pear, which he didn't look as if he liked very much, and then a couple of minutes later he vomited. Over the weekend he threw up, mostly milk, another 3-4 times - sometimes after solids, sometimes before. He has now stopped vomiting but for the last few days seems very farty, poos have gone more liquidy again, and generally seems uncharacteristically unhappy and unsettled. He still seems keen on food, or at least I don't think I could stop giving it entirely as I think he would miss it, but is notably less enthusiatic than he was (i.e. by enthusiastic used to make angry noises when the spoon didn't return fast enough; he still opens his mouth and seem interested, but much less so).

Sorry, that was a bit long. What should I do? Could it be some kind of allergy (to pear? but this hasn't been repeated, obviously). I should also mention that he has a bit of eczema on his head and this seems to have got worse, I think at roughly the same time but can't be completely sure. Does anyone have any advice?

Onebadtime Mon 01-Feb-16 12:21:58

Teething? Viral bug?
Allergy to pear seems unlikely.
My LO has just got her first tooth at 8months. It's been associated with awful diarrhoea and being really off her food - although still wanting it, just not chewing or swallowing. It made me think of her reading your post!

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