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How much should 7 month baby girl be eating?

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Beccybw Thu 21-Jan-16 08:35:19

Yesterday 21:51 Beccybw


My baby girl is 7 months and I don't know how much she should be eating? She has 4 - 5 210ml of formula milk a day, one rusk with milk mashed into a paste and a fromage frais. I've tried other Ella's kitchen vegetable and fruit purees but she doesn't seam interested. I contacted my health visitor who advised trying finger food and suggested strips of chicken so she can feed herself. I tried this with some roast chiecken and she gagged really badly, went bright red and I thought she was chocking. I don't know how much she's supposed to be eating, she always sleeps through and weighs about 19lbs.


Shantotto Thu 21-Jan-16 09:23:58

Have you tried normal plain yogurt with some fruit purée mixed in?

I think it would have less sugar than a fromage frais. Also rusks are very sweet too so you could try some sweeter veg mixed with a bit of milk?

You could try looking at an annabel karmel book, or her website as it has meal planners and time tables for what babies should be eating.

You could try ready brek porridge with fruit in for breakfast too.

The gagging is scary but it's part of the learning to eat process. Hope this will help - have to admit I'm not starting for another day but I have read a lot! Have a look through some older posts hear I've found that helpful.

Good luck!

ricketytickety Thu 21-Jan-16 09:32:53

Chicken might be a step on from where you are. Try a boiled baby carrot or a bit of mash potato or banana. Milk will be her main food source until she's 1 anyway, but the rusk at breakfast, a youghurt at lunch and some veg or fruit at tea at the moment are fine. If you're worried about the gagging mush up the veg.

Starbores Fri 22-Jan-16 13:12:57

My dc are 6 months and have readybrek for breakfast, veg puree (butternut squash, sweet potatoe, broccoli etc) and fruit puree for dessert at lunch and then a rusk before bed. They drink around 4/5 8oz bottles.

Beccybw Sun 24-Jan-16 19:58:44

Thanks everyone, that's really helpful - it's put my mind at ease. I have found some fruit purées that she seams to like so I think we're making progress. I think it will be a while until we try finger food again! Xx

NotthespecialONE Sun 24-Jan-16 20:32:20

My 7 month old has porridge for breakfast with banana or scrambled egg and toast, he doesn't have lunch yet but will have a couple of rice cakes or wholemeal bread with houmous for a snack then for dinner he'll have things like sweet potato wedges, pasta, fish etc.
I was really worried about him gagging at first so I just gave him softer foods that he could break down in his mouth quickly - took me a couple of weeks to feel less nervous.
I'm not sure how much milk he takes in as I breastfeed him.

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