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Gagging and retching

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lightgreenglass Thu 14-Jan-16 12:34:35

DS2 is 7 months today - 5 weeks prem. I tried to start weaning at 6 months but just felt he wasn't ready as he seemed really distressed about food and hadn't lost his tongue thrust reflex.

I just tried again and he was gagging and reaching, tears coming out of his eyes and vomit. With DS1 he took to weaning no problem and never gagged or retch to the extent DS2 is.

I genuinely don't know what to do - continue trying to feed him and distress him or wait a week or so more and try again. I've given him finger type foods. He tries to get them in his mouth gunning on them. If a piece breaks off he pushes it out/retches.

lightgreenglass Thu 14-Jan-16 12:35:33

*Gumming that's meant to say

furtivefeline Sat 19-Mar-16 21:44:58

Hi lightgreenglass I know it's a couple of months since you posted. Just wondered how you are getting on with your DS2 as my DS is doing the exact same thing! He's 7.5 months and we started weaning about 7 weeks ago when he was 6 months. He's gagging and retching with everything - solids and purees. Anything that makes its way down gets vomited back. Would be good to know how things are going for your DS2.

mellymoo22 Mon 21-Mar-16 15:15:39

Similar issues here, DD is almost 9m (7m corrected) and is fine with puréed food but anything lumpy she just vomits it up.
Seems to be fine with finger foods though, not sure how to progress, maybe just keep trying finger foods?
Any advice appreciated.

furtivefeline Wed 23-Mar-16 20:01:42

melly sorry to hear your DD is having issues too. Interesting that she can manage purees and finger foods but nothing in the middle although luckily that should still allow her to eat quite a good variety of foods. If she can manage finger foods, personally I'd stick with that. We did BLW with my daughter and it was really nice and low hassle if a bit messy.

DS has been referred for a feeding assessment with a speech and language therapist. He has also been started on reflux meds finally - he's been projectile vomiting regularly since he was about 6 weeks and we've had lots of BF difficulties so I had wondered for a while if we were dealing with reflux. Only been giving the meds for a few days but there does actually seem to be an improvement - he's only vomited while feeding once, the gagging has reduced and I think he may even be swallowing tiny amounts.

Anyone else dealing with a baby that seems to be slow at learning to swallow food?

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