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6 month BLW/spoon feed

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HollyC255552 Sun 10-Jan-16 21:45:40

I've tried to start weaning my 6 month old DD she is showing all the signs, putting things up to mouth, sitting up well etc, but the occasions i've tried spoon feeding i can barely get the spoon in her mouth or she just spits it all out. I'm not sure if this is a sign she isnt ready or do i just keep trying? I've read babies loose their tongue thrust between 4-6 months. Does it sound like she hasnt lost hers yet?

jessplussomeonenew Sun 10-Jan-16 21:58:36

Some babies hate things being put in their mouths by anyone else - these are the babies for whom BLW is absolutely perfect and saves you both loads of stress!

WelliesTheyAreWonderful Sun 10-Jan-16 22:06:27

DS did this initially but soon got better and opened his mouth in anticipation of the spoon. We did a mix of BLW and spoon-feeding, I let him play with the food (messy) and taste it off his hands and spread it through his hair first. I also let him play with the spoon with food on it and he got the idea. She'll get the hang of it, there's no rush.

Bryna Sun 10-Jan-16 22:10:28

My middle DC was like this, completely refused anything off of a spoon, clamping her mouth shut tightly!! We did BLW before it was a 'thing' finger foods was all that she would eat, at age 9 she is the most fantastic eater!!!

stqueen Sun 10-Jan-16 22:13:20

I too have the Ella's Kitchen book & was confused by that advice! There is a small section at the back of the book on finger foods but only a very small number of recipes for 7 month +. I concluded that as they are in the business of selling pureed baby food (the pouches), they aren't really going to gain much commercially by pushing BLW.

DD refused to be fed from a spoon after many an attempt, so first foods for us were chip sized chunks of most things - chicken, cheese, toast, other breads (croissant, brown bread, pitta), fruit & veg. The slightly
harder foods she enjoyed sucking for the flavour (cheese). You do need to be firmly watching at all times but never had a problem with choking etc.

stqueen Sun 10-Jan-16 22:16:05

So sorry, think I posted on the wrong thread! Dam iPad. It's kind of relevant though, but please feel free to ignore hmm

Touchacat Sun 10-Jan-16 22:17:58

Do you eat with her? I find that demonstrating with my own spoon with my cereal in the morning really helps. My dd watches and copies. She will be fed initially and then likes to control the spoon herself. So I just load the spoon and let her take over. It's messy but she's got the hang of it pretty quickly!

Don't forget that it's new to them so what looks like spitting out to us could be just them not getting the hang of working something more solid around the mouth. Also, they don't follow social norms so squeezing food out between their lips as they chew is no problem!

How does she get on with finger foods? Maybe she would just prefer them to a spoon.

HollyC255552 Mon 11-Jan-16 07:15:48

Thanks for all your replies everyone. Yes we always make sure we eat. The past few times shes tried grabbing the spoon so maybe i should let her do it or give her a spoon to hold too. She used to get on well with finger food, picking it up & sucking etc now she either just seems to play it (which is fine) i was told food is for fun before 1 or she just throws it around. I'm not saying this a problem but she now doesnt even seem to put it up to her mouth the last few times. Maybe i'm just over worrying its not like she isnt having her milk.

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