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Kaz4755 Sun 10-Jan-16 07:00:11


I am starting to wean my six month old. Does anyone know if I mix in aptamil formula milk with certain purées if I can then freeze it? It is the ready made aptamil. I bought lots before my little one was born but mainly breastfed instead so have lots left over! Thank you!

SparklyTinselTits Sun 10-Jan-16 07:13:18

I put it in things like sweet potato and froze it smile
I just assumed the rules would be the same as with freezing breastmilk. I always used the frozen food within a couple of weeks anyway, so it was never say there for ages and ages smile

Kaz4755 Sun 10-Jan-16 07:46:40

Thank you sparklytinseltits! I will give it a whirl!

SparklyTinselTits Sun 10-Jan-16 07:53:17

Good luck!! Hope your little one enjoys it smile

dementedpixie Sun 10-Jan-16 14:46:57

Yes you can freeze formula mixed with foods

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