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10 month old eating limited foods after teething

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MilkyChops Fri 08-Jan-16 14:10:57

My 10 month old has always been a foodie and had loved anything but since his top teeth have come though we are slowly running out of things to feed him. At the moment he has decided that he hates most vegetables, potatoes, rice, cous cous. Pasta is hit and miss.

At the moment all he'll eat is weetabix, fruit, dried fruit,greek yogurt, anything of the bread variety and meat and fish. He's just spitting out all the veg or just picking it off the tray and flinging it. The only way I seem to be able to get any veg into him is by chopping it finely into a tomato sauce at the moment.

He won't eat purees either.

Please say it's a phase. I'm fed up of picking Petit Pois from around the house. I've taken to just feeding him off my plate now as everything was just being wasted..

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