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weaning and vomiting

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JellyBaby26 Wed 06-Jan-16 16:10:24

My DD is 7 and a bit months and has been eating since 5 month or so. She has complex issues and low muscle tone so is purée fed by me as doesn't use her arms etc. she has always been quite sicky but mainly due to seizures and excess secretions etc but I don't think this is related.

She has 3 meals a day but I struggle to keep her milk in her for the second and third feed. Her routine as of today:
8 - 6/7oz bottle
9- porridge/scrambled egg/yoghurt and fruit
12.30 - meaty purée (about a weaning pot full mixed with a bit of formula) and a custards fruit purée same size
3.30 - 6oz milk
5- veggie purée and small amount of custardy or plain fruit desert
8.30 6/7oz milk and bed

During the 3.30 fees she gagged which she does a lot and then her hair goes fuzzy and she starts making horrible noises and stomach starts going tense like an adult would dry heave almost then does the most disgusting vomits of food and milk. So bad I lean her into the sink because muzzys aren't sufficient...
This will probably happen again after the evening feed.

Is she having too much food?
She's a very small skinny baby on the 25th but barely any baby fat on her but yet despite vomiting she's gone up from the 9th. She doesn't puke after food and does t really enjoy drinking milk hence the drop to 3 bottles.

I don't want her puking all the time and am at a loss as what I'm doing wrong....

youlemming Thu 07-Jan-16 14:18:49

Without having a medical background and knowing her specific needs it would be very difficult to say what the issue is, best to record a food diary for a few days and either see your HV or doctor.

Hope it resolves itself or you get some guidance from the professionals.

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