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14 month old boob-Monster. Enough is enough

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Itjusthappened Thu 17-Dec-15 10:00:35

Any tips on getting my boob-mad ds off the boob? He was very premature so it was a miracle in itself that we actually managed to bf(took us 11 agonising weeks of pumping and shields to get the hang of it) so I was in I rush to cut our journey short. But, he's constantly wanting to feed. I think it's more a comfort thing now. But if we spend the day in the house, he'd happily feed all day if I let him. And screams and claws at me if I don't give in!
Night time is a pain in the ass too. I've started to dread bed time. He goes down fine with a feed at 7ish. Then wakes up about midnight-feeds. Then it could be every hour or 2 after that! He won't take a bottle and isn't all that keen on cups/beakers either
someone, help!!

MigGril Thu 17-Dec-15 10:21:56

What is it about feeding that's bothering you?

It's really common for toddlers to go through phases like this off wanting to feed more often. He's not comfort nursing, he's a toddler and now a very efficient feeder so feeds can be short at this age but he can still get a decent amount of milk.

You really can't compare it to feeding a baby it is different and they feed for different reasons. I can totally understand the feeling touch out though and as he's older you can start to limit when he feeds. This will lead to him naturally weaning without the need to substitute it for anything.

Distraction is a good tool at this age, offering food instead. Being busy, there is some good info on kellymom website on nursing older babies /toddlers.

Mine both went through phases like this just as they did as small babies it does pass and things charm down again. Feeding can be sure a great tool to use for a small child when they are ill or hurt or need that extra comfort. And I think it's always best to make sure your in the right place to stop and won't regret that decision. If you'd feel happier just changing things.

Itjusthappened Thu 17-Dec-15 10:44:27

I have a 3 year old and I feel like I'm missing out on time with him as I feel I constantly feeding. As I said, if we're in the house, he is on me like a rash! I'd love to put ds1 to bed but oh tends to do that as I'm busy sorting ds2. He will settle for a while with daddy but eventually, only I will do

Doublebubblebubble Thu 17-Dec-15 10:52:35

I fed my DD until she was 19 months and when I was getting her down to breakfast/nighttime feeds I would offer cows milk (after 12mos) instead of myself if she didn't want the cows milk I didn't force the issue and would bf but she soon got the hang of it. Going to soft play where they might forget and eat food. I also agree that it will calm down soon x

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