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toddler feeding help

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scaifejill32 Tue 15-Dec-15 20:42:49

Hi, i am at the end of my teather with mt 2 year old, at the childminders she eats sandwiches, curry, toast, crackers and so on, at home nothing!! She has never eaten a sandwich for us (we keep trying), we try everythibg and she just pushes it away unless it is a piece of ham or cucumber. She sometimes eats hipp meals but only the spag bol. We give her weetabix for breakfast and porridge for supper.
When we eat we often have to put the tv on so she almost doesnt realise shes eating but then she is not feeding herself, which she does at the childminders.
I have lost the will to make nice food for her she just pushes it away.
Anyone else have the same problem or any advice?

scaifejill32 Tue 15-Dec-15 20:43:53

Also anyone else still give their 2 year old milk at bedtime and in a morning?

Eminybob Tue 15-Dec-15 20:46:32

Yes I have the same problem with my 17 month old! Just started a thread on the behaviour board.
Eats like a dream at nursery and throws everything off the plate at home sad
Sorry I have no advice but watching in case anyone else does. flowers

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