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Booster seat for eating at the table?

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soundsystem Tue 15-Dec-15 08:26:58

Not sure if this is quite the right place for this, but wondered if anyone could recommend a booster seat for eating at the table as my 13 month old has developed a sudden and strong aversion to the Antilop!

She's steady enough sitting on a dining chair (and able to climb down in a fairly controlled manner - not head first!) but can't reach the table. Is it worth getting a booster seat with straps, or just plonking her on a cushion? If you've used a booster seat, which make do you have and would you recommend it? I'm not convinced she needs a booster cushion, but I think I'd rather get one for my own peace of mind.

CornishYarg Tue 15-Dec-15 08:54:35

We just got a basic one from Argos which has been fine for us. A friend used the Mamas and Papas one which looked good.

soundsystem Tue 15-Dec-15 18:35:45

Thanks. Went for an Argos or and seemed fine. The first tea time in a few days that hasn't been accompanied by a high-chair related tantrum grin

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