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What equipment should I buy for weaning?

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Thaila Sun 13-Dec-15 01:02:18

Hi, my DD is 5 months old and as of 6 months will start on solids. Could you recommend some useful equipment that I'll need to get plus any recipe books?

Many thanks

RubberDicky Sun 13-Dec-15 01:47:14

Long sleeve bibs, and a high chair or similar.

If you're baby-led that's literally it. If you're going down the puréed route then you'll need some kind of blender, containers to store purées in, plastic cutlery and crockery if you wish.

And some kind of vessel to contain water. We just use a plain plastic beaker, nothing fancy about it and it works well

RubberDicky Sun 13-Dec-15 01:48:22

Ive heard the baby led weaning cook book is good - again if you're going down that track

Ellypoo Sun 13-Dec-15 01:53:47

We got some plastic bowls & plates from ikea, and some little tubs to freeze small portions of our meals. Did mixed weaning, and got weaning spoons too - as much for DD to play with & get used to holding as much as to use to feed her.
Basically though, good long sleeved coverall bibs & high chair will cover the main essentials - good luck!

ZenNudist Sun 13-Dec-15 02:00:09

Tomee tippee free flow sippy cups, plastic bowls & plates, soft weaning spoons, stumpy self feeding spoons catchy bibs, some long sleeve overall thingys (depends how arsed you are about getting food on clothes), high chair (obvs), I used sainsburies large ice cube trays to freeze portions of food, also stick blender if you going down the purée route plus Annabel Carmel complete baby and toddler meal planner useful for food ideas to give you some structure to your weaning plan, but loads of mners do BLW.

BeverlyGoldberg Sun 13-Dec-15 04:19:38

One of those safety visors that welders wear.

HeyMicky Sun 13-Dec-15 04:25:06

Long sleeved, wipe clean bibs. Don't get fabric ones, they're an arse to clean. Make sure the sleeves have elastic at the wrist or the food ends up in their armpit, via their nice clean clothes

Cheap shower curtain or similar to put on the floor under the high chair

Eminybob Sun 13-Dec-15 04:43:27

I like the long sleeved bibs from IKEA, they come in a pack of 2 but may be a little big on a 6 month old.

I also love the IKEA antilop high chair, mainly because it sits DS upright, I always find with the other, fabricy ones that he looks a little slumped back.

Plastic plates and bowls, they will get chucked on the floor, and the soft bendy spoons. Oh and a tommee tippee first cup.

That's all you need really for blw.

My friend did purées and had all manner of fancy equipment, she even bought a second freezer, and special pots and stuff. I couldn't be arsed with all that.

Thaila Mon 14-Dec-15 00:03:57

Thank you all for your suggestions. This is really helpful. I'm a bit nervous about weaning if I'm honest, but your advice has really helped!

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