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10m old refusing her usual food

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Kika1 Sat 12-Dec-15 15:53:35

Hello, my girl will be nearly 10m and she is /was an 'eater', she loves to eat. She was spoon fed, ak recipes and used to eat everything, from spinach,watercress,sweet potato combination with pieces of food (I do mix of spoon fed and Blw) I.give her toast, brocolli, chicken, potato, pasta...she's been unwell in last few weeks and teething badly for the past 2 weeks, top 4 teeth..for the last 5 days she is refusing to eat any mashed food, only eats toast, chicken brocolli,some green beans. Won't have anything else, doesn't want fruit , chunks she used to have, only grated Apple she wants..tried carrots today, mashed potato, pasta...wouldn't have it, had to make her chicken and broccoli, oats toast for breakie..she still has her milk(although didn't want any few days ago) this normal? Feel like she eats just much can I eat, also how much chicken can she have a day, I can give a day, OK to give every day? Thanks.

ElphabaTheGreen Sat 12-Dec-15 16:12:54

All babies go through phases where they only want a very limited range of food, for who-knows-what reasons. Just keep offering a variety and her interest may pique again.

-- Then she'll turn two and eat nothing but chips and baked beans--

Greenlanegal Sun 07-Feb-16 17:03:55

My 10 month old is doing the same thing. I'd be interested to know how your situation was resolved.
He won't eat any of his usual food off a spoon and I'm thinking he may just want to feed himself?
He is teething too X

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