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Ikea Antilop

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FlumptyDumpty Fri 04-Dec-15 11:56:59

About to start weaning, and looking at high chairs. I love the sound of the Antilop, but am wondering how easy it is to take the legs off? We're in a small flat, so it would be good to put it away between meals. Would this be quick and easy, or a total faff? If a faff, I'll have to go for a folding one, but am worried DD will flop about in one for a while.

BugritAndTidyup Fri 04-Dec-15 12:09:22

I've just tried on mine and it's pretty easy. It has those little push-in domes that fit into holes (clear as mud?). Bit sore on fingers but I covered my thumb with my jumper and It was no problem. Attaching them again is very easy too.

Having said that mine is 4 years old so design could have changed but I doubt it.

Honestly, get the antilop. It's brilliant. Even left up it feels like it takes up much less space than the folding ones.

BugritAndTidyup Fri 04-Dec-15 12:10:56

Doing it a couple of times a day might be a bit off a faff, but I'm very very lazy, and I'd say the same is true of the fold-up ones. It's easier to clean too.

CorBlimeyTrousers Fri 04-Dec-15 12:27:13

Yes pushing in the little metal button can be hard on the thumbs. But if you're doing it every day you might develop the knack. I agree that the Antilop is a great chair and almost certainly the best choice at the best price. Go for it.

ElderlyKoreanLady Fri 04-Dec-15 12:34:14

The fold up chairs take up far more space than you realise when folded anyway. I spent something like £60 on one. It was a bastard to clean, far too bulky and I paid for bells and whistles we really didn't need.

I gave that to DM (she wanted a naice chair for DD when she's over, nothing cheap) and bought an antilop. It's a dream to clean and DD is far more comfortable in it. Might be a bit faffy taking the legs off twice a day but as it's only a bit wider than a collapsed naice one, I'd just leave it up. If you think you won't get annoyed removing the legs (takes seconds per leg) then definitely go for it.

ChairoftheBored Fri 04-Dec-15 15:15:29

Have you a sturdy table or breakfast bar thingy? We got one of those travel ones you clamp onto a table, which was fab - really compact, and took up no floor space at all. In fact it was so good we never quite got round to getting a 'proper' high chair at all!

Peach1886 Fri 04-Dec-15 15:29:57

We travel about a fair bit to family and friends all over the country, and the Antilop always goes with us - it's super easy to take apart and put back together (it takes about a minute tops) and the legs click in to the chair solidly so you know it's safe. As the others have said, it's also really easy to clean.

FlumptyDumpty Fri 04-Dec-15 18:50:35

Thanks all! Looking like I should give the Antilop a punt. Really appreciate your help!

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