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18mo suddenly stopped eating

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ilovetosleep Sat 07-Nov-15 12:48:02

He was terrible at weaning (various intolerances, tongue tie etc) but since about 10-12 mo this he's been a a amazing water. He eats a huge variety of meals and with gusto. As of this week he has not only been off his food but crying and screaming whenever we put food in front of him or go near his high chair. I'll confused because he seems hungry and spends the 3ins before meal times roaming the kitchen and nagging me for food, as normal (he's totally non verbal still so it's all grunts and gestures). I haven't been offering alternatives but I usually strap him in, enough rage him to try a few things, get fed up and take him down. He'll return to the table a few times but reacts the same when he sees his same plate of food there. Mean while DS1 is eating but getting distrscted by his baby brothers behaviours.
Do you think he is becoming fussy and exerting his control (DH thinks so) or more likely that he is ill? Tried calpol 30 mins before meals and no difference.
He's still bf and on about 3-4 feeds a day. He's currently asking for more but I'm not giving in. Also this coincides with a massive improvement in his sleep, weirdly.

ilovetosleep Sat 07-Nov-15 12:48:20

*eater, obv, not water

FATEdestiny Wed 11-Nov-15 14:10:10

He could be poorly and that might be putting him off his food.

What would he be like if he sat on your knee at the table at mealtimes? Would he eat better? Or what if you put him a bowl of something on the floor and had a carpet picnic?

I really wouldn't suggest making mealtimes into a battle. It rarely solves anything long term

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