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Weaning baby with high palette

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CeilingThomas Tue 03-Nov-15 22:44:08

My DD is 5.5months and showing a lot of interest in food. She'll reach out for things I'm eating, open her mouth and lean towards food/spoon, grab my hand and pull it towards her mouth if I'm holding food etc so I've started giving her small tastes of food. Not meals but giving her mushed up banana, potato, carrot, fruit etc at the same time as I give my son his meals.

After a week of this she still seams to have trouble moving food around her mouth, most of it is pushed out. is this normal? (I can't remember the early stages of weaning my son!!) I'm cautious of giving her typical BLW stuff because 'm concerned she'll choke if she can't move food around.

Also , she has a high, narrow palette, and a 25% tongue tie. could this be related to her pushing food out. What do I need to know about weaning a baby with a high palette? I'm concerned food will get stuck up there and she'll choke when it comes down at some point after she's finished eating. Eg in her sleep.

Thanks in advance!

CeilingThomas Wed 04-Nov-15 13:05:16

Is there anyone with experience of weaning babies with high palettes? Also called bubble pallet (not sure of spelling!)

FATEdestiny Wed 11-Nov-15 14:16:17

The tongue thrust is a reflex reaction in babies that they will push any foreign object in their mouth forward and out. It is a Mother Nature's natural protection against chocking for young babies.

This reflex reaction reduces of it's own accord and cannot be overcome or rushed to stop. The relaxation of the tongue thrust reflex is a pointer for baby being ready for solids.

While the tongue thrust is still active (as with your baby), then baby isn't physically ready for weaning.

What I don't know is how a high palette affects this. You would be better speaking to your HV or GP for specific advise on this.

CeilingThomas Sun 15-Nov-15 22:21:06

Hi, thanks for replying and sorry it's taken a while to respond. I think I will talk to the HVs. She's started picking up food and aiming it towards her mouth, with some success, but still isn't keen on being fed. Think I'll just give her stuff and let her go at her own pace, there's no rush!

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