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ZoeBWalker Sun 25-Oct-15 22:29:48

My daughter is nearly 10 months and it has taken me till she's nearly 9 months to get her to eat & I started weaning at 6 months.... She just wasn't ready, tried everything, you name it, I tried it, my food mixed with her milk, Ella's food, finger food... Eating with me, eating with other babies etc etc it goes on and she is just not interested!!

Some days are better than others, we can have porriage and she seems to like parsnip and loves custard... But recently there is now a trantrum every time I put the spoon near her mouth sad so I leave her with finger foods and the only thing she likes to suck on is a rusk which happened in the last week!!

I can honestly say the weaning has been the worst bit and now I'm 5 months pregnant again praying I just wish she would eat ( then her sleep will get better;) here's hoping before no 2 arrives!!

Is there anyone else with the same problem???

Help wink

blackkat1978 Mon 26-Oct-15 02:32:59

I've done BLW with both of my children & they've both been very different to wean. My daughter loved food & ate loads from day 1 of weaning (started both of them at 25 weeks). My son started off being interested but never had the appetite that my daughter had at the same stage. He loves his milk. I think he's had a lot of trouble with teething & has favoured a few food items like cucumber & tomato & has been quite bored quite quickly at meal times. It's only the last 2 weeks (he's 11 months) that he's finally started to eat a variety of food & eat any real quantity of food.

At the end of the day every baby has different appetites (like adults) & we have to trust that they will take what they need. As long as the weight gain is happening & they are getting enough wet & dirty nappies & seem content I wouldn't worry. Hope you have a smoother journey with your next baby

blackkat1978 Mon 26-Oct-15 02:35:51

Forgot to add that unfortunately there's no real link between sleeping & eating so even if they eat well that's no guarantee of a good night's sleep- hence why I writing this reply at 2.30am!

mamalovesmama Mon 26-Oct-15 09:03:00

Thank you so much your son sounds like her to a T well I'm off the supermarket today to get tomatoes she's not tried them yet... She did manage some toast this morning which was an improvementsmile

I just look forward to it being less challenging she is a picture of health the doctor said and the most active baby ever, so here's hoping month 11 it all kicks in grin

Thanks xx

September60b Mon 26-Oct-15 19:59:55

Yes I've had the exact same problem! My dd is 9 months old and it has been a real battle to get her to eat anything. She just has not been interested at all. Up until a week ago that is, and suddenly it seems like things have clicked into place and she is eating!

I gave up on spoon feeding too and just carried on with finger food. She will tolerate me spoon feeding now though so we're doing a mix of both. Things she's enjoying at the moment are sticks of melon, green beans, courgette and tons of yoghurt!

Dd isn't a sleeper either and food hasn't made a difference yet.... We can live in hope though can't we!

Best of luck with your second pregnancy!

mamalovesmama Mon 26-Oct-15 21:51:00

Hi, it's so nice to hear I'm not the only one!!!!! She totally dismissed breaky and lunch today... So we had rusks and carrot sticks and organic biscuit things then dinner came and I offered her Ella's super smooth major trantrum mixed it with ambrosia mini custard and she wolved the lot!!! Everything mixed with custard... Yep here's hoping!! Thanks guys so much for your advice and time writing it defiantly helped with anxiety of "is this just me, what am I doing wrong feeling" winkxx

September60b Tue 27-Oct-15 09:29:43

It's nice (iyswim) to hear there are others having the same issues! I was starting to get worried as all of her friends and other babies in the family eat really well!

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