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BLW - progress 3 months in?

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Mugsybalone Tue 13-Oct-15 15:04:31

Hi all! My LO is 9 months so we've been weaning for three months now (though didn't really get going for a few weeks). We've chosen to go down the BLW route which she seems to enjoy.

Anyway, I'm wondering how those of you at the same stage are doing (or were doing if you're already out the side!). Our milk feeds are still the same and though she puts everything in her mouth that we give her, only a small amount seems to be swallowed! Nowhere near enough to fill her up though I'm sure.

Does this sound familiar? Do they usually start to actually swallow more over the next few months? I think I'm getting a little worried about returning to work in the new year and her milk feeds not having reduced enough for me to be out 10 hours a day! (She's breastfed and doesn't take a bottle though we're making some progress with a cup).

Thanks in advance!

HeadDreamer Wed 14-Oct-15 08:25:52

I'm slightly ahead of you as DD2 is 13mo. DD1 is also BLW. With both, milk feeds didn't reduce until I add the two snacks. I did that at nearly 11mo with DD2. I think she's just a snacker and really does need food every 3 hours, whether it's solids or milk. HTH.

Also just keep it up with the cup. (Assuming it's a free flow one you are using. BF babies don't get the hang of ones that are more like bottles in cup form). Both of mine got it at 10mo.

ReedBunting Wed 14-Oct-15 08:29:20

About the same here though we're a month behind. Ds2 is nearly 8 months and not interested much in food - will try everything but not a lot goes in or comes out the other end. EBF here too.

Mugsybalone Wed 14-Oct-15 13:56:29

Thanks for your helpful replies. I'll keep going as I am and glad you said to use the free flow sippy cups as that's what I've been doing. I'll also think about introducing snacks soon to see if that helps. She's not massively interested in breastfeeding these days either (except at night!).

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