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Dropping too many milk feeds?

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puttheteaon Wed 23-Sep-15 21:01:27

Hello everyone,

I am totally confused about what to do, started weaning my lo at 6 months, tried purée- it remains in my freezer as my independent little monkey was having none of it! He's taken brilliantly to eating and at 7 1/2 months he now has 3 meals a day tho as its all finger foods never sure how much goes in.

Anyway he has pretty much dropped all daytime breast feeds, I make sure I feed him at 1130 and 330 but he only ever feeds for a few mins. He feeds well before bed but then is up 2/3 times at night to feed again and whereas before weaning a night feed wd be for 20-30 mins its now almost an hour EVERY time!?

He has fruit, toast and porridge at 8:30, lunch and dinner change times but generally he has a mix of fruit and veg sticks and some carbs and protein like chicken strips, ham and cheese omelettes, risotto balls or pasta.

Lost as to whether he is reverse cycling, my supply is now less because of his lack of day feeds or just waking for comfort and actually fine feed wise???

How many feeds do you think he should be having daytime? And at what point does food take over?? Know the old 'foods for fun until one ' but feel like he genuinely must be full after food as he was such a milk hungry boy before!! X

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