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Why won't she eat?!

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Loops81 Sun 13-Sep-15 12:40:23

My 17 mo has never been a massive eater but lately things have gone from bad to worse. She'll eat her breakfast reluctantly, then flat out refuse lunch or dinner. I could cope with a bit of fussiness and a small appetite, but this is seems ridiculous. I miss the days she would only eat eggs and pasta! I've read the Carlos Gonzales book and know I need to stay calm and positive (I do) and not push her (I don't) but I'm starting to feel a bit crazy. The list of things she will eat has shrunk to pretty much weetabix, grapes and satsumas.

The most frustrating thing is that she apparently eats three full meals at nursery, then refuses everything at the weekend. it used to reassure me that at least she was getting plenty of food during the week but now I just think - what am I doing wrong that they are doing right?!

Has anyone been through similar and seen things improve? Please tell me it will improve.

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