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Is my nearly-7 month old eating too much?

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kalidasa Wed 26-Aug-15 09:57:19

DS2 only started a month or so ago but has gone a bit 0-60, and I am struggling to find any concrete advice about how much he should be having. I am back at work already so it is difficult to take him to a HV drop in to ask.

He is eating three full meals a day, plus a few things like carrot sticks/rice cakes (and water from a sippy cup at meals). He is still having a breastfeed first thing and last thing - though I don't think he has that much in the morning - and one (large - 240ml) bottle in the middle of the day. Does this sound OK?

He looks fine, not particularly fat; has been sitting well without support for ages and is beginning to lurch forward from sitting so I imagine will crawl before too long. We struggled with colic and then reflux, but the reflux really seems to have improved since he started eating properly (is that typical?) and he's hardly being sick at all. I'm sure we had exactly the same worry about DS1 (who is certainly a "good eater" still at 2 and a half), but he really does seem to be putting away a lot.

Noidea1 Wed 26-Aug-15 14:46:58

My 7 month old has

7oz morning, mid afternoon, bedtime (occasionally middle of the night)

Breakfast- porridge with fruit, piece of toast (doesn't actually eat much of this just messes with it)

Lunch and dinner- small pot homemade food pasta etc... I'd say equivalent to1 jar or pouch followed by yogurt or fruit pot/mashed fruit again equivalent to 1 jar

Snacks as and when rice cakes, fruit, biscotti etc...

Wingingit92 Sun 04-Oct-15 21:21:15

Hi, just seen this thread and thought I would share what my just turned 7 month old has to eat.
6am -6oz bottle (suffers reflux so all bottles kept to 6oz with gaviscon)
7/8 am- big bowl of baby porridge, with 4oz milk sometimes fruit added or slice of toast with it and water.
10/11am- 6oz bottle
11/12 - full bowl mashed veg, meats or soup and bread followed by yoghurt or fruit , water
2pm - 6oz bottle
5/6pm- dinner with family (mash down whatever we have for dinner ) yoghurt or fruit normally follows
8pm- bottle after bath then bed.
Snacks on rice cakes and fruit in between meals and sips of water.

I used to worry he ate too much but he's a very happy and healthy baby. He's never lost an ounce since the day he was born. He put on weight straight away , even although he was breastfed. Hv weighed him at 6 months and although he was almost 20lb and on 98th centile she was happy with his weight and said he's just a big boy.
I feed him when he's hungry. There is no right or wrong weight for a baby. Although I have heard some friends say hv has told then that their baby is overweight ?? x

MilkyChops Mon 05-Oct-15 19:28:09

My 7 month old little one -

7am - 6oz milk
8am - 1 weetabix with stewed fruit/Ready break with finger fruit/Toast with peanut butter and fruit.
11am - 6oz milk
12pm - finger buffet of all sorts - fruit/veggies/rice cakes/cheese egg/sandwiches/bread sticks
3pm - 5oz milk
4pm - fish and veggies/meat and veggies/pasta/whatever we're eating followed by yogurt and fruit
6pm - 6oz milk

I don't believe a baby can be overweight. They know when to stop eating if they're full and if they eat too much they puke.

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