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Typical 1 y/o feeding schedule?

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cjt110 Wed 19-Aug-15 12:03:58

I am beginning to wonder if we are feeding DS too much and this is why he has begun being fussy with foods. We try to replicate the same scheudle daily and changed it from Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and then tea to Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, a small tea then cereal (porridge/weetabix) for supper.

He has become fussy and point blank refuses some meals now, even his faves and if I offer a yoghurt/fruitpot he sometimes wolfs that down or refuses too. He has approximately 18oz milk a day. (He is CMPA btw)/.

What are your schedules?

Bubblebanana76 Wed 19-Aug-15 12:17:05

My lb has just turned 1 and has breakfast @ 9am, lunch @ 12, snack @ 3, dinner @ 5pm and a yoghurt @ 7 before bed. He drink about 20 oz of milk a day!

cjt110 Wed 19-Aug-15 12:21:03

DS has a bottle when he wakes around 6am. Breakfast (cheerios/readybreak) at 8am.

Lunch at 12 (scrambled eggs/beans/spaghetti with toast, spag bol, sausage casserole, fishcakes/fingers with beans are typical lunches) followed by a yoghurt/fruitpot.

He then has a small tea at 3/4pm of something similar to lunches mentioned above and porridge/weetabix for supper at about 6.

Is this too much?

LittleBearPad Wed 19-Aug-15 12:30:09

I'd give him a smaller snack in the afternoon and move dinner later and drop the weetabix. He may also not need his daytime bottle.

cjt110 Wed 19-Aug-15 12:31:36

Little He doesnt drink a great deal of milk in the day, usually the oly ones you can guarantee is his first thing bottle and perhaps one before bedtime. I read somewhere about not oofering milk before a meal and he sometimes will take a bottle between 430 and 515, perhaps meaning he is too full for his tea?

justabigdisco Wed 19-Aug-15 12:31:50

My DD is now 3 but I have never offered snacks. At 1 she was having BF morning and night, and then breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

justabigdisco Wed 19-Aug-15 12:32:53

I would say he doesn't need a mid morning snack, nor does he need supper. Give a proper evening meal, and possibly an afternoon snack if there is a long time in between lunch and evening meal.

cjt110 Wed 19-Aug-15 12:35:23

By snacks, what kind of snacks do you mean? I would happily give him cream crackers, fruit, rice cakes etc, perhaps even a yoghurt.

What a useless Mum I am!

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Wed 19-Aug-15 12:44:39

DD is 21 months and I've never offered snacks. I don't know where we'd fit them in without her constantly eating. She has always just had 3 meals, with a cup of milk first thing and another before bed.

justabigdisco Wed 19-Aug-15 15:26:54

I wouldn't give any snacks at all if they were refusing meals. He's probably not that hungry.

You're not useless at all though, we're all just figuring this out as we go along thanks

cjt110 Wed 19-Aug-15 15:32:31

When I say snacks disco I only mean ricecakes or crackers - not a meal and thanks for saying Im not useless flowers

justabigdisco Wed 19-Aug-15 17:28:05

I don't give anything between meals though. Never have. Try without for a few days and see whether he's more hungry for his meals smile

DeandraReynolds Wed 19-Aug-15 17:31:57

At about 12 months mine had milk first thing, breakfast about 8, lunch at 12, snack at 3, dinner about half 5-6, milk before bed.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Wed 19-Aug-15 17:33:39

Try without the snacks, even done thing small like a ricecake could be making him less hungry for meals.

RabbitSaysWoof Thu 20-Aug-15 21:58:30

Another 3 meals only here. But every now and again a meal would still be refused for a few days running and have to be put back half an hour or so, I don't think the size of snack makes much difference, I think hunger just takes time to build.
I aim for around 4 hours gap but if you are a batch cooker or pre cooker you can always have a nice meal go from fridge to table in a couple of mins if needed.
At a year mine was Milk 7, B 8, L 12, D about 5 Milk at bed, each gradually got put back as growth slowed down and appetite dropped now is more like B8:30, L1:30, D6:00.

lornathewizzard Sat 22-Aug-15 10:05:18

13mo DD has a cup of milk around 8 (I guess around 3 oz) followed by breakfast of waffle and a banana, lunch around 12, usually pasta and cheese or pesto, sonetimes a snack around 3/4th of fruit, then dinner of whatever we're eating around 6, followed by either fruit or yoghurt. Then another cup of milk before bed.
I understand that appetite does start to slow down after 1 as growth slows, but I would say try to cut down on the milk if you can.

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