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BLW constantly crying for more food

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purplemurple1 Mon 10-Aug-15 11:29:40

We are sitting DD (6.5months) down with us at meal times and is getting a fair bit in but she is always grabbing for more and crying whenever she hasn't got food in her mouth even directly after meals are finshed.

Should we carry on with the meal indefinatly? We have a 2 yr old who is feeding himself so our meals aren't exactly fast anyway.

Can they get to much solid food when they are so little?

She is dropping milk feeds really fast (she just refuses bottles, dosen't finish those she has either) and is down to about 700ml a day from 1400ml a few weeks ago.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 10-Aug-15 11:56:00

I would try to give her a milk feed roughly an hour before she eats. Could you have lunch whilst she naps? Is it possible to have your evening meal or breakfast without her being there?

If she's hungry, the best thing for her by far is the milk smile

purplemurple1 Mon 10-Aug-15 12:27:21

We already give milk before each meal but as I said she won't finish bottles, below is what she normally takes but we always offer more and has started refusing some bottles altogether.

At the moment she has
600 milk (6oz)
700 breakfast
1200 milk (6oz)
1300 lunch
1500 milk (5oz) sometimes she skips this bottle
1700 milk (6oz)
1730 dinner
1800 offered more milk but normally refuses.

Buglife Mon 10-Aug-15 13:03:46

I think minimum 20oz of milk is recomended for weaning babies and as she is having that much and more and you are giving her ample opportunity to have milk before solids I'd just let her eat what she likes. My DS went all over the place with his milk feeds when he started weaning (hardly having in the day but feeding all night) but on the whole he just took really well to solids. Maybe give her stuff that's more time consuming to eat? And make sure she has dairy with every meal? I don't think it is as easy to deny solids in the hope they'll want more milk, my DS knew really early when he wanted one or the other. On the reverse its like telling someone who's baby isn't eating any solids to stop giving them milk until they eat, not going to work and not very helpful when you have the baby refusing. DS settled down, still gets his milk and drinks it at nearly 1 year old (about 15oz now) and still eats loads. Although maybe not having her with you for dinner in the hopes of getting her to drink her bedtime feed would be the way to go of you want to get more milk into her, I only gave DS 2 solid meals when he was around 7 months. But BLW has to be baby led so I always just gave him food until he stopped eating it.

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