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Is she ready?

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maskingtherealme Tue 28-Jul-15 22:47:05

DD is almost 22 weeks.

Chewing and sucking on everything within her reach.

Has been in her highchair for a month but she isn't upright. She leans slightly forward.

Watches us eat and smacks her lips quietly and gently. Drools during meal times.

Was given broccoli a few days ago 'to see what happened'. She picked it up, put it to her mouth and recoiled in horror. She didn't like the taste/texture and cried. Bits in her mouth had to be removed and she was given a sip of water.

She slid her hand in my gravy a few days later and sucked happily, seemingly enjoying the taste.

I am not sure if she is ready or not!

I want to do BLW and will happily wait until she is ready but since I spoon-fed DS until he was 7 1/2 months and then did BLW, I am not sure if she is ready or not!

Hero1callylost Tue 28-Jul-15 23:05:19

When you say she leans slightly forward, can she support her head herself? If she can I'd say she's ready to start.

Milk is sweet so it might be easier to start on sweeter food e.g. whole unpeeled banana, pieces of orange to suck on or steamed carrot sticks, then add in green veg and more savoury tastes a few weeks later. I did sole BLW with my DS and he took a little while to enjoy veg and he must have been past 1 by the time he enjoyed meat (though he always loved a good suck on bacon!)

I think it's the BLW book that says to expect to keep feeding them their usual milk until 9-10 months? So you're not going to lose/gain anything by trying her with a few bits now as she'll get everything she needs from milk. If it doesn't work or she keeps getting upset/frustrated, just wait a week or two and try again.

Don't over think it! Just include her in meals, let her try bits of your food and see how it goes smile

I found this website really helpful -

maskingtherealme Wed 29-Jul-15 11:05:12

Yes she can support her own head.

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