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What is the deal with weaning, BF and water?

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Totality22 Sun 19-Jul-15 18:57:24

Is it still OK for baby to just have breast milk? (6 months, just started with a few tastes - veggies mainly)

Doing BLW.

Does baby need additional water now or is it later when she is actually taking food? At the moment it's being thrown / spat out lol.

dementedpixie Sun 19-Jul-15 19:04:29

I would give a small amount of water in a cup with meals. more to get used to the cup than the water tbh

CultureSucksDownWords Sun 19-Jul-15 23:42:54

Water isn't a necessity, but I would start giving it with food. Just to get used to using a cup, and drinking something other than breastmilk. I would expect it to be played with and not particularly drunk from for a fair while.

LittleBearPad Sun 19-Jul-15 23:47:51

I've been giving DS a cup of water with meals to get him used to drinking water. He's also taken to food with gusto and is eating a lot. That combined with the recent hot weather gave him a touch of constipation. Extra water seemed a good plan for this too.

DixieNormas Mon 20-Jul-15 00:10:37

I always gave water with food, ds4 refused to touch it until 14 months though

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