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Blw and crying

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LittlePink Thu 16-Jul-15 19:13:59

ds is 26 weeks and I started him on purées a couple of weeks ago, went ok, he seemed to like it but then I decided to go down the blw route but ever since he gets so frustrated in the highchair. He can't grasp the food but wants it clearly. When I hand it to him, which I know isn't the idea but it's so hard to see him so exasperated, he gobbles it all up. I've tried him in the bumbo but that was a disaster. All the food went on the floor and he was utterly distraught so I gave him some puree I had and he ate it all but was sobbing his heart out. It's like this every meal time, every day. Oh bar breakfast which he's ok with.

I don't know whether to ditch blw and go purées again, stop weaning for a few days as its not fun for him at all, seems totally traumatic as he cries that much. Once he gets upset I usually end the meal anyway.

So do I stop for a while? Keep going and hope he gets the hang of it and reassure him through it? Go back to spoon feeding if he's happier? He likes it once he's got the food in his hand that's the thing, it's just he can't pick it up and chases it around the tray or just squishes it and gets himself in an absolute tiz.

If I give him lunch it's usually 11.30 before nap so he's getting tired or if it's dinner then it's 5pm with dd so he's tired again. I don't know where to fit it in around milk feeds!

HeadDreamer Thu 16-Jul-15 19:20:00

If he doesn't like to feed himself, just feed him with a spoon! Don't make it so complicated. You still get finger food with traditional weaning. So give him purees and then some finger food to play with. That way he plays with the food with a full stomach.

There are babies who really suits BLW. Both my DDs are spoon refusers. They never get frustrated feeling themselves. But would get very angry if you try to feed them. Many people don't understand this. I got a good telling off from the HV at 10mo DD review about not giving her yoghurt. I really want to snap at her and told her she can try if she liked.

Basically do whatever your baby prefers.

MrsCK Sat 18-Jul-15 07:47:33

when you offer food is he hungry? the old saying of food before one is just for fun rings true here...perhaps try a milk feed and then offer food after it so it's more about the textures rather than eating for calories

callamia Sat 18-Jul-15 08:05:31

If you hand him the food, then he can put it in his mouth? Sounds ideal. I'd definitely ditch purées if he can already handle textures, purées are unnecessary for post-six months and getting him used to textures is great.

I spoon fed my son often, as well as giving finger food and it worked well. He had porridge and small pasta and rice etc. He could use his own spoon at one, and didn't want to rely on me once he could do it himself.

Karoliina Sat 18-Jul-15 12:04:47

The clue is on the name ie 'baby lead', meaning that you are lead by your baby on how the want to eat. This means reading their cues, whether this means being spoonfed, 100% self feeding or something in between.

dairyfreequeen Sat 18-Jul-15 19:37:53

id definitely echo making sure you give a milk feed before mealtimes, its the advice i was given anyway but it might fill him up a bit so hes relaxed enough to enjoy playing with food (which is what blw is, basically wink ). Breastmilk or formula is still the most nutritious and calorific thing you can give at this point

lornathewizzard Thu 23-Jul-15 16:54:30

I don't mean to patronise but is the food big enough for him to pick up? Should be about the size of your finger to start off with.

lornathewizzard Thu 23-Jul-15 16:55:18

Also we struggled with DD if she was tired, so that could be a factor in the frustration.

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