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Help! Waking more since weaning and hungry!!

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Drmum83 Thu 16-Jul-15 09:32:37

Hi, hoping that someone out there can offer some advice!


My DD is 28 weeks. She is breastfed with a bottle at bedtime and dream feed at 10.30pm (DH). She started out on the 0.9th centile and has increased to the 50th centile over 6 months so I'm not worried about her weight.
We started weaning properly a couple of weeks ago and we're finding that this is causing more hunger and night wake ups. She has never slept through, we've always had a 2-3am and then 5am wake up (and I've always breastfed her then) but I was hoping the night wakings were nearing the end..
So, she has always been a snacker and up until 4 months ish, she breastfed 2 hourly in the day. She has never taken more than 130mls from a bottle, and we have tried everything, different a bottles/teats/milk temps etc

7-7.30am wake up and breastfed
8-8.30am porridge with puréed fruit, sometimes yoghurt afterwards
9.30am nap 1.5-2hours
11.30am breastfeed
12noon lunch - fish/veg and yogurt
1.30-2pm sometimes small breastfeed pre nap 2 hours
4pm -breastfeed
5pm dinner - rice cake, spread cheese, yoghurt with fruit is example
6.30pm bedtime routine and bottle (used to take 120-130ml now 60ml)

She would then be dreamfed at 10.30 and breastfeeding at 2ish and 5ish
But now:

Wakes at 9-9.30pm - hungry, breastfed
11.30-12 midnight - hungry
3ish and 5ish -hungry

I'm pretty sure the extra wakenings are hunger, she is actually good at sleeping and knows when she should be asleep, I dont need to faff with rocking and going in repeatedly, she will just roll onto side and go to sleep once fed.

I don't understand why this is happening, am I doing something wrong?
Current theories:
- dinner is too late in day and she not hungry for bed time bottle which has a knock on to the night
- growth spurt - need to suck it up
-isn't a bottle fan - suck
-waking is thirst - should offer water (? Load of rubbish, advice offered by well meaning colleague)
-need to feed more food as hungry to stock up for the night (but I think I feed til satiety)

I've tried water with meals but she isn't keen.

Please offer advice or reassurance that this, too, will pass!!


HeadDreamer Thu 16-Jul-15 14:43:09

It's probably a growth spurt. They don't sleep through because you start weaning. The solid food is needed because they needed more nutrients from 6mo. And obviously want her to be eating like other people at 12mo. FWIW my 10mo is on 3 meals and an afternoon snack and still bf every 3-4 hours day and night. Life is constantly feeding once weaning starts. (and she's on very adult food, not fruit purees. Chicken, pasta, bread, cheese, and the like. Which should all be very filling)!

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 21-Jul-15 22:21:27

That's a lot of food for someone so little and there is very little food you can give her that's as calorific as your bm. Could you cut back on the food and BF her more in the day?

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