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11 mo old weaning trouble

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nyldn Wed 15-Jul-15 12:11:12

DS is a picky bf baby and this seems to have carried over into weaning. Did fine on purees, but gets seriously agitated in his highchair with means now and I resort to feeding him while he's distracted with some random kitchen object.

today's lunch, chicken meatballs, steamed green beans and potato got a few bites of each and that's all.

I'm feeling so beaten down by the weaning as he is difficult with bf as well, and a bad sleeper.

any suggestions? reassurance? the only things he seems to eat happily is berries and cheese. while I agree, they are delish, I'd like to get more variety in him!

yesterday an omelette with cheese and grated courgette was eaten, but only after I packed it up and gave him pieces in the buggy walking around....

HeadDreamer Wed 15-Jul-15 14:45:00

Can't help but you aren't alone. My 10mo is a bugger to wean. She just nibbles on food and loose interest quickly. Today lunch, she ate only the mushrooms and the grapes. Ignored the omelette and cheese. I just keep telling myself she prefers not to eat really. And she's a terrible sleeper too, still waking up every 3-4 hours for feeds through the night.

Milkyway1304 Wed 15-Jul-15 21:50:48

My daughter was a nightmare to wean. Swallowed almost nothing until she was 11months old, and then only tiny tiny portions. As in I would be delighted if she ate a strawberry! It slowly improved from then and now at almost 15months she loves her food, eats a big variety (everything except dairy, which she hates-so I still worry about calcium).

All I can suggest is to try and relax(believe me I know how hard that is) and try not to make a big deal or trick him. Let him sit on your knees and play with food from your plate, give him cutlery, expect a mess in the beginning but he might surprise you. And a few bites of meat, veg and potatoes is not bad at all at that age. Their tummies are tiny!

nyldn Wed 15-Jul-15 22:37:04

thanks milkyway, that's a good idea- he really seems to hate the highchair.

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