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7.5 mo gone off food

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zombiemeow Mon 13-Jul-15 07:10:42

Started blw with ds when he was 25 weeks and he loved it. He would get quite a lot of food in him.... And on him.

He's now 7.5mo and has completely gone off food. He will not eat in the mornings, just refuses to open his mouth and when I give him lunch/dinner he looks at it and will usually chuck it on the floor hmm

Have a drs appt today anyway so will ask but does anyone have any ideas?

happyelf Mon 13-Jul-15 07:33:32

Hi my youngest dd went off food everytime she was teething so might be that. Think she was around 7/8 months the first time it happened. As soon as the tooth would come in she was back to normal eating again.

Definitely worth mentioning to dr if you're going anyway

zombiemeow Mon 13-Jul-15 08:05:04

Thank you. I suspect he is teething, but there's no sign of teeth. I will get her to have a feel for any grin

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