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BLW and going back to work at 7.5 months. Is this realistic?

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araminem Wed 08-Jul-15 10:38:32

I would like to go the BLW way with my DS (5 months at the moment). However, I will start working 2 days a week at 7.5 months. During these days my DH will be taking care of him.

Has anyone done this? If so, how did you work it out? Or if you tried BLW: when could your DC go for around 8.5 hrs without needing expressed/formula milk (I expect to be out of the house around 8.5 hrs). DH can always give formula or expressed milk. I am trying to get my head around the logistics though.

Thank you!

HeadDreamer Wed 08-Jul-15 11:21:50

I did with DD1. She was a spoon and bottle refuser. She couldn't go without milk obviously and I doubt even a spoon fed baby can. But she learned to hold a bottle and drank her formula in a high chair very quickly. I think she sees it as part of weaning and not being fed a bottle. I left a carton of ready made for her with the nursery as they wont make formula.

HeadDreamer Wed 08-Jul-15 11:22:27

She dropped all her formula by 10mo.

araminem Wed 08-Jul-15 11:40:04

Thanks Head. So it sounds like it is realistic, but would need to leave some milk behind. Probably will try for expressed first so as not to reduce my milk supply for the other days I am home. What do you think?

HeadDreamer Wed 08-Jul-15 11:53:17

I didn't pump and leave EBM because I can't much out with a pump. But I did do some pump and dump during lunch initially.

HeadDreamer Wed 08-Jul-15 11:54:02

Oh you mean feeding on days off? I didn't have any problems in the weekends. I think supply is very stable by 7mo.

Waggamamma Wed 08-Jul-15 11:59:18

I've been doing blw with my 9month old, he still has a bottle of milk in mid morning and mid afternoon. he couldn't go without.

My other DS didn't have anytime milk at 9months old.

could she/would she take milk from a cup in the daytime?

araminem Wed 08-Jul-15 15:29:37

THat sounds reassurring Head. Maybe it will be less of a problem than I thought it would be.

We haven't tried giving him anything from a cup Waggamamma (he is not 5 months yet so haven't started with BLW yet) but something we can try.

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