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What does your 9 month old eat

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ssss123 Thu 02-Jul-15 12:20:20

dc2 is almost nine months old and after a goodish start to weaning eats very little.
yesterday for example was

b/fasf: about 8 weetabix minis soaked in milk. eggs bread and fruit rejected.

lunch: a few bites of egg white (yolk ignored) and a handful of peas. blw muffins and fruit ignored. two teaspoons of yoghurt

dinner: a few mouthfuls of rice and chilli plus two pieces of broccoli

surely this is not enough at nine months? spoon is refused so all food is self fed.

has approx 700ml of milk a day and is very active.

thanks in advance.

cjt110 Thu 02-Jul-15 15:53:18

DS (now 10m) has cheerios for breakfast (probably about 5 tablespoons then some toast - about half a slice of bread.

He then has his lunch. Pasta bake, scrambled eggs, speghetti/beans with toast. He usually has probably 5/6 tablespoons worth for this meal followed by a yogurt/fruitpot and some rice cakes. He then has a snack at 3 of ricecakes/finger foods and then tea, similar to his dinner as above.

He has maybe 600ml of milk a day. He has both spoon and finger foods but is becoming more finger food lead now.

He's very active too and is nicely following his growth chart

HeadDreamer Fri 03-Jul-15 10:29:51

That sounds pretty good. If he looks happy and is following his centile line, don't worry.

squizita Fri 03-Jul-15 19:26:20

I posted a similar thread. My dd can be extremely picky and eats like a bird.
Some days she will prefer puree and spoon, others finger foods. She's breast fed so I can't give milk measurements but she has a good feed every 4 hr or so, normal for her age.

In terms of solids, today:
Breakfast- baby portion of porridge, handful of cornflakes, a chopped date and an organix baby biscuit.
Lunch - a cracker wheat (low salt and they love the texture) with cream cheese, half eaten/half chewed. Some home made tomato sauce stuff (few spoons).
Snack - 4 Boots "puff" snacks
Dinner - flat refused veg risotto. Gave a banana and she ate 1/4 plus a handful of corn flakes.

She can and does eat and has no allergies. People on here suggested their LOS have suddenly upped portions at 10 or 11 months when crawling really kicks in.

squizita Fri 03-Jul-15 19:28:42

...My hv and GP advised if I was worried make food calorie rich eg. lace porridge with cream, butter rice cakes and veg liberally, olive oil on veg etc.

squareheadcut Fri 03-Jul-15 22:13:14

My 10 mth old had
Porridge for breakfast
Lunch leek and potato soup yoghurt dessert
Dinner spaghetti bog mashed up and spoon fed and yoghurt dessert
No milk - I just posted about the no milk thing!

ssss123 Sat 04-Jul-15 06:08:16

Thanks all. Will get dc2 weighed on Monday and take it from there.

eurochick Sat 04-Jul-15 06:14:10

I have a small eater. She is on a little more now at 11 months but still doesn't eat loads and has 500-600ml of milk a day. She seems happy and healthy. She is being weighed by the paid next week (she was prem) so we will see then how she's doing. By my bathroom scales at home, she seems to be following her centile line, but they are probably not completely accurate.

Sausages123 Sat 04-Jul-15 06:43:17

My nearly one year old are yesterday
7oz milk
About 5 mini weetabix 1/4 nectarine
One savoury muffin, strip cucumber nibbled, few strawberries and maybe a small amount cheese
Snack-(this is rare) couple mini breadsticks
Dinner- half cod fillet, half new potato, few peas. 3 strawberries and piece watermelon
7oz milk

Not a massive amount but he is healthy, tracking the 2nd centime and it is hot!

squizita Sat 04-Jul-15 09:14:35

Sausages mines between the 2nd and 9th ... I keep forgetting she will eat less than a great big baby! grin

AvocadoLime Sat 04-Jul-15 09:36:43

That sounds okay to me, my DS is 9 months and one week. Over the last couple of weeks his food intake has increased, so they change so much at this age I am always telling myself not to over analyze. He hardly ate anything until about a month ago.

Anyway, example from yesterday:

Breakfast: About 2-3 tbsp porridge and most of a banana.

Lunch: About a tbsp of peas and sweetcorn, about 1 tbsp of tuna.

Snacked on 2 grapes cut into quarters at about 3pm

Dinner: About 3x3cm piece of my sweet potato and bean burger patty (homemade, not an unhealthy type burger), a little strip of bread with cream cheese, 1 tbsp of baked beans, and he ate a handful of kale but then made a face. Then he had another grape and 80mls of strawberry yoghurt.

The porridge and yoghurt were the only things on spoons. He makes a lot of mess and likes to throw his food on the floor, yesterday he ate well but there are some days where he just nibbles on bits and then starts playing with it.

He is EBF for his milk, I would say he could manage with as little as 4 feeds but he often has little extra feeds for comfort and especially in this heat.

startwig1982 Sat 04-Jul-15 09:46:10

My dd is 10 months and yesterday ate:
2/3 tablespoons porridge with fruit purée mixed in
3 organix corn snacks and a breadstick
1 slice of bread with Philadelphia, cut as small sandwiches, 3 strawberries, yogurt
Breadstick snack
Small slice of broccoli quiche, two baby sweetcorn, small pot of rice pudding.
Plus 5/6 breastmilk feeds.

squizita Sat 04-Jul-15 09:59:58

That's reassuring about the sudden increase Avocado I was starting to fear dd would still be on milk and the odd cracker till she was 21!! grin grin grin Everyone else seems to have LOs who eat full dinners from 27 weeks!

AvocadoLime Sat 04-Jul-15 13:56:12

We finished lunch not long ago and he just threw it all over and hardly ate any of it. So there you go. grin

Yes I know what you mean squizita, I think people get oddly competitive and braggy about what their baby eats, and they probably exaggerate sometimes - especially the ones who puts lots of pictures on Facebook! If I have a second I will tell myself to just relax and not rush/worry about weaning. We started at 5.5 months instead of 6, and that was several weeks cleaning up the high chair (yuck) for no good reason that I'll never get back!

MioNome Mon 06-Jul-15 08:51:34

DS1 didn't eat anything really til 8mo then picked til 10mo. Wasn't until then that I really noticed he ate with interest and appetite. That's also when he started crawling. He was probably closer to 1 yo when I could say hand on heart he was getting more cals from solids than milk.

DS2 is 8mo and ears well three times a day and you can clearly tell he gets hungry and fussy before a meal time. He also pretty much goes without milk during the day (he's still bfed on demand and I offer throughout the day - he's just far too busy and distracted to be interested). He does however wake a couple times in the eve and gets milk then and we cosleep so he snacks on and off all night.

All babies are different if your baby appears happy then they probably are and you're doing great!

cantbelieveimonhere Mon 06-Jul-15 23:55:56

was just about to post a message about weaning when I saw/seen (?) this thread............

my lo is 9.5 months
i'm now not sure if she is eating enough "grown up" food, going by what people have posted above........

she currently eats:
ten mins breastmilk from me
5 babyspoons multigrain cereal with 10 spoons warm boiled water with pureed fruit (approx one third of large Ella's kitchen fruit sachet)

mid morning
3-4 mins breastmilk from me
(used to be 15-20 mins, but reduced as she is just now drinking less)

yoghurt with soft-lumps fruit (to take edge off hunger. she is such a fast eater when hungry she couldn't be trusted to eat more difficult foods first)
bit of fork mashed egg with little bit of toast or a few beans (a recent achievement in the the moving from soft to lumpy foods!)

mid afternoon
3-4 mins breastmilk from me
(as mid morning)

two cubes (three teaspoons each) of pureed vegetables with some small, soft lumps reamaining (e.g. courgette/carrot/butternut squash/sweet potatoe) and either half of a stage 2 "meat" Ella's kitchen or the insides of a cod fish finger (fish finger cooked as normal, then breadcrumbs cut off)

have totally wimped out on meat with "meat" Ella's kitchen. just so scared of her choking on dryer things. please someone tell me, how to you cook/cut up etc chicken/beef etc for a 9.5month old with NO TEETH?!!!

bed time
formula - she currently drinks approx 8oz

what does this look like to you?
do I need to "hurry up" with weaning?
all constructive criticism/advice welcome

thanks in advance

HeadDreamer Tue 07-Jul-15 11:31:25

For meat, chicken and fish is softer. Red meat like pork and beef is easier if you slow cook or roast them. A piece of steak will be far too tough without teeth.

I'm sure you are doing fine cantbelieve. Have you looked at the NHS pages? I'm sure it says soft finger foods, mashed or chopped up at 8-9 mo. Basically the stage pass purees. So for your dinner stop the purée and start mashing only.

As for breakfast you don't need baby cereal once over 6mo. My 9mo has shredded wheat. Other good low salt low sugar choices are weetabix and ready brek if you prefer to spoon feed her. Shredded wheat is easier for self feeding because of the size.

squizita Tue 07-Jul-15 15:31:24

Cant mine is also a slow weaner but I've been advised not to worry - they all have different learning curve but get there by 12 months. smile
Breast milk plus vitamin drops or formula will mean no problems with taking it slow.

My hv and GP said salt free gravy style mince (like shepherds pie etc), creamy sauces on veg etc were better calories wise than veg purees.

Apparently a 9 month old "nibbler" with no allergies and who can chew is fine and less of a concern than say a baby who ate loads but only carrot/baby porridge. Because when they toddle they'll suddenly get hungry and will know what to do.

squizita Tue 07-Jul-15 15:33:14

...yours sounds like mine btw. I found slow cooked chicken, beef/mince and very finely chopped pork a hit.

Normal porridge too - hv said add cream or yoghurt. Full of iron!

cantbelieveimonhere Tue 07-Jul-15 23:06:17

Thanks folks, think the time has come to cook some actual meat!! Will start with slow-cooked/stew to try and get it as tender as possible.
Maybe try "real" healthy cereals also, and start moving away from "baby" multigrain cereal.

Your advice and support is much appreciated [flower]

nyldn Wed 08-Jul-15 14:46:13

I make meatballs and shred courgette into them to keep them moist and soft. fresh herbs and garlic. DS loves them and they aren't "babies down" besides the lack of salt, so DH and I eat them as well.

Beetleandbug Thu 23-Jul-15 21:00:53

DS is 8 months and on an average day he will have the following:

Breakfast: a couple of tbsp. of greek yogurt or cottage cheese mixed with mashed banana / soft fruit / avo. A slice of toast / blw scotch pancake with butter or cream cheese

Lunch: A couple of baby crisps or a breadstick followed by meat, carb and veg in some form i.e., chicken and veg curry with rice, tuna pasta, spag bol etc...

Dinner: Cereal (readybrek or shredded wheat minis or one wheetabix) mixed with cinnamon or an ice cube of sweet potato. I use 100ml of formula split between the cereal and a beaker.

He breastfeeds when he wakes in the morning, before and after each of his two naps, before bed and once or twice in the night.

ohthegoats Fri 24-Jul-15 12:32:31

Mine is 9 months, she's been crawling since 6 and a half months, and is now pretty speedy + doing a lot of cruising around furniture and independent standing. Massively active - the climbing is beginning to scare me!

Her eating is sporadic. Some days it's loads, other days almost nothing. I think it all sort of links to teeth to be honest. She's still having 700ml+ of formula a day too. She's middling amongst my baby friends though - some are big eaters, some are just not and at a year are hardly eating anything. No one's health visitor seems concerned.

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